Friday, September 02, 2011

Texting trouble. . .

I just had a “Mom” moment with my teenage daughter.  Here’s the set up.  She wanted to go to a movie with her friends.  You know how this goes right?  “What movie?” “Is that an appropriate movie?”  “What do you do if you get there and they decide to go to the inappropriate movie?”, etc, etc. 

She said NO, they weren’t going to that one, even though her friends that are on FB (and too young to legally be on FB) were saying that they were.  Yes, I’m friends with her friends that are on FB, I’m a smart momma. 

So with the guidelines all out, Matt and I headed to dinner and she would be leaving soon to go to the movie. 

*Text me when they come pick you up

*Text when you get into the movie

*If you friends choose to go to the other movie, call me.  She assures me that one of the other girls doesn’t want to see the PG-13 one either so maybe just the two of them will go to the first choice.

*Text when the movie is done.

Clear right?  right.

So, we’re at dinner, it’s 7:00 and I know the movie is supposed to start at 7:05.  I haven’t heard from her so I begin the texting conversation. . .


      Mom: Did they pick you up yet?                                         7:00pm

12yo: Yeah                                                                                  7:00pm

Mom: Are you at the theater?                                              7:01pm

12yo: No                                                                                        7:01pm

(*Hmm, 7:01, the best choice movie starts at 7:05, and the other one at 7:20, looks like they’re planning on the other one, right?)

Mom: Are you seeing smurfs because that starts at 7:05?                                                                                              7:02pm

(*yes, I know, it’s “Smurfs”, but it was a better alternative than “Shark death killer 3-D” whatever it’s called.)

12yo: Yeah we r just running late                                      7:06pm

Mom: OK. . .let me know.  Love you!                               7:06pm

Mom: What movie?                                                                  7:16pm

12yo: Im waiting for maya to come and smurfs          7:17pm

(*Ok, I’m not crazy right? It sounds like she’s waiting alone outside for her friend and the others have gone into the other movie right?)

Mom: OK. . .did they all go to the other one?               7:17pm

Mom: Do you have her number?                                       7:18pm

12yo: Yes                                                                                     7:18pm

(*Clearly I’m talking too much here and not allowing her to answer me. . .yes to which question??)

Mom: Did you text her to see if she’s coming?             7:20pm

12yo: Yes I did.                                                                        7:20pm

Mom: Let me know when she’s there. . .otherwise we’ll come get you and go shopping Smile                                7:23pm

12yo: Yay! Smile                                                                        7:23pm

(*Ok, so we’re all on the same page, I think she’s standing alone outside the theater after making the correct choice in not going to the PG-13 movie and now her friend isn’t showing up either.  It’s also almost 20 minutes past when the Smurfs movie started. . .)

Mom: Is she there?                                                                 7:31pm

12yo: She hasn’t answered my text yet.                        7:32pm

Mom: Are you by yourself?                                                7:33pm

12yo: No they r with me                                                       7:34pm

(*ok, now I’m confused. . .all they all outside waiting on this one friend 30 minutes after the movie has started?)

Mom: You haven’t gone into the movie yet??             7:34pm

12yo: Yeah                                                                                 7:40pm

Mom: Yeah you did?  Or yeah you didn’t?                   7:41pm

12yo: Yes I have!                                                                   7:42pm


Mom: OK. . .then stop texting me!!  Smile Love you!   7:43pm

12yo: Yeah. . .stop texting ME!!!                                         7:44pm



And THAT my friends. . .is how NOT to have a texting conversation with your 12 year old teenage daughter.

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Just wanted to share some of our photos from James’ homecoming yesterday.  They were blessed to have a private jet that flew them from San Diego.  James said he was prepared to be in pain the whole time, but said the plane was so comfortable with very little turbulence.  They flew in style, making it from San Diego to Lincoln in only 2 hours and 15 minutes.  It’ll be hard to take a commercial flight after that one!


Behind Jeff (James’ Dad) Tyley was snatching up Vincent from her sister.  As soon as those doors were open, she needed those babes!IMG_6573

Coming out to grab AliyahIMG_6576

Nothing like that Mommy love!


A few of the signs the kids had madeIMG_6580

Just some of the crew that came out to welcome James, Tyley and Sue back.


More Mommy love!  (Matt’s Mom is in the brown jacket)IMG_6584

Getting a good look at Vincent!IMG_6585

Lots of kisses for the babe!IMG_6587IMG_6588

I love these photos of Tyley looking at Vincent!IMG_6590Hugs from Dad!IMG_6592

There’s James!  We all broke out clapping and cheering!  He just said, “well, hey everybody!”IMG_6594IMG_6595Grandma Sue and Grandma Mary lovin’ on VincentIMG_6596Jordan wanted this documented. . .you know when Jade got something in her eyes that made them water. . .IMG_6597IMG_6598IMG_6599IMG_6600IMG_6601IMG_6602IMG_6603IMG_6604IMG_6606

More hugs and love from everyone that came out to see James, then Aliyah climbed in next to him for some snuggles!IMG_6607IMG_6608IMG_6610

Love these photos of James and Aliyah.  One of the Marines said that in when he was trapped in the car he just kept rubbing his fingers over the bracelet that Aliyah had given him.  IMG_6611IMG_6612These photos are from once they got set up at Madonna Rehab here in town.  They gave them these little tags to put on anything that belonged to James.  It was completely appropriate to put one on Vincent! (You can see the bracelet Aliyah gave him in the picture below.)IMG_6613

James impressed all of us with how well he could move that left arm  and lifted Vincent right up! (that’s the one that was so badly damaged in the accident), he also showed us his “NY City Rockette” kicks with his right leg!


So happy to see them all together again!IMG_6615

Saturday, December 11, 2010

Wonder of Wonders

We have experienced miracles upon miracles in our family over the last 3 1/2 weeks.  I wanted to document them here to have a record of the events, as well as to share the miracles and testify to others.  This time has bonded our family and reminded us of the most precious things to us. . .our family, and life. 

On the evening of November 17th, I was finishing up at book club eating some yummy treats at a friends house.  I got a phone call from Matt in which he explained that our brother in law (his sister Tyley’s husband), had been in a serious car accident in Mexico.  I asked if he was ok, and Matt’s words were, “well. . .he’s alive.” 

I headed straight to Tyley’s home where I hoped I could be there to comfort her and her 6 year old daughter, and only 10 week old son.  The house was full of family when I arrived. 

James and his family are members of the First Free Evangelical Church, and from the time he was in high school, he has gone on mission trips to Mexico.  His mother helps organize these trips and often they did these missions as a family, as their family vacations.  They are an amazing, loving, Christian-minded family.  Big huggers and jokers too.  On this particular trip from their family was James, his brother Andy, and his mother Sue.  They were helping in an area just outside of Ensenada, Mexico, at a Men’s Alcohol Rehab center.  As one of their first tasks, James and his brother Andy headed out to get water.  They were on a dirt road.

The Baja 1000 road race is famous around the world.  It is one of the longest, toughest road races.  It takes place every year in November, and involves several different races (motorbikes, buggys, trucks).  The beginning of the race was the next morning.  Several racers will ride the course in the days before to get a feel for it.  It should be noted that this is not a specific “track” course, it is simply a race on the roads near Ensenada.  The family tells us that they had no specific notice of the race, and they were never warned to be careful on the roads.  This is the story we have of what happened.  James and Andy noticed a truck coming toward them and pulled as far as they could off to the right in the mini van James was driving.  There was a race truck coming over the hill, and it jumped the hill and when it came down it hit the van on the drivers side sending it backward and flipped them onto the top some 100 feet away.  Andy was able to get out of his window with several cuts and minor injuries.  The van was tipped and weighing down on James side, trapping him underneath the steering wheel.  He had a severe cut to his upper left arm (almost severed), a bad cut to his right leg, and a cut across his neck (jaw angle to jaw angle).  We would also find out later that he had a broken hip. 

Here’s where the miracles begin. . .following shortly behind the first truck was another race truck.  In this truck were 3 US Marines--Kent Kroeker, Jeremy Graczyk, Colt Hubbell and Jeremy’s father. 

The word was that they were trying to get James out of Mexico and med-evac flown to San Diego.  We arranged flights for Tyley, her daughter, her son, and Matt’s other sister Jordan to go and help with the kids.  We received word during the night that he was not stable, he had excessive bleeding, a collapsed lung, needed more surgery and they were not flying him out.  Tyley doesn’t have a passport, so the work the next morning was to get an emergency passport and get her to Mexico.  She flew out with a friend from the First Free church that helps arrange these mission trips that would help her get a passport in Denver and get her directly to James in Mexico.  Another miracle was that due to the race being that next morning, they actually had a flight available and within 24 hours James was on his way to San Diego. (We have heard from several people that that sort of thing just doesn’t happen in Mexico.)  Tyley was able to reunite with him that very evening.  We have plenty of family here in Lincoln and we all agreed to pitch in to help with the kids.  Jordan specifically offered to sleep at  Tyley’s with the 6 year old, and she quickly earned her “mommy certificate” after caring for their 10 week old son for what would be 3 weeks (all while going to school FT and working).  Another miracle is that their son was actually born 4 weeks early, so just a week before, Tyley had gone back to work, and daycare was already set and going for their son.

The following is an account given of the events.  This is from a website devoted to the off road racing community.  The descriptions are graphic.

“Surprised that nobody has told the story of this incident. Robby Gordon alluded to this story during the driver’s meeting. I wasn't there but according to people who were, this is the story:
The evening before the race, General Tire/KORE’s Kent Kroeker, his co-driver Jeremy Graczyck, KORE’s Colt Hubble and Jeremy’s dad, Jim were prerunning the start in KORE’s “TRX 4” – an uncaged, Ram 1500 moderately equipped with a radio and decent suspension. They were out to slowly recon the start a final time in order to identify booby traps, program some waypoints and make note of anything new.
About 20 miles from Ensenada, a trophy truck came up on them, hard on the horn at 70% race pace. Kroeker moved over in time and let them pass, remarking that, “****! The ****ing race is tomorrow morning.”
Five minutes later they crest a blind hill and find the TT rolled and, for the most part, destroyed. Another vehicle is also crushed and almost unidentifiable. Civilian traffic – some kind of mini van. An obvious head on collision, the result of the TT cresting the blind hill, as the co-driver stated, “going only 50 mph”.
The TT driver and co driver are wandering around, unhurt in a zombie daze. The mini van is upside down, smoldering. Kroeker and Graczyck climb into the smoking vehicle, shouting orders. Jim and Colt secure the area from oncoming traffic, call EMT/Police and disconnect the battery.
Inside is a guy trapped in the crushed metal. He’s upside down with the dash and firewall crushing his legs. He’s bleeding out fast from his left arm which has severe lacerations, is 7/8 amputated with exposed bone and muscle just below the shoulder, brachial artery pumping him out. Kroeker gets under the guy and applies upward pressure on his torso with one hand, so he can breathe and compresses the open amputation with the other. The only thing holding the arm on was some tendon, the artery and some crushed bone.
Graczyck uses Kroeker’s knife to cut some seatbelt, throws it to Kroeker who tourniquets the artery. Colt tosses Kroeker a large screw driver to torque down the tourniquet. Graczyck makes a time hack, gets the guy’s age and name, vitals from Kroeker and writes it in his notebook. Kroeker talks the guy through – “hey buddy, you’re going to be fine- no big deal. Where are you from? I’m going to touch your ass – it’s not because I’m attracted to you, I’m checking your pelvic girdle for some things (crepitus) – just seeing where we need to keep pressure- you’re going to be fine…”
Most of the guy’s lower chin is torn off, Kroeker is laying under him in the broken glass, applying upward pressure, Graczyck is tearing apart the dash, ripping the seats out. Kroeker is a pilot and a FAC and Graczyck is a special operations JTAC – same school – ground Marines - close air support – from inside the car (still smoldering) they’re shouting orders to establish a DZ in the nearby field, get our VHF radio frequency to the supporting agency and start a fire with wet wood to give signal for a talk on.
Kroeker and Graczyck are the only Americans on scene who speak Spanish.
The locals comply. Colt (another Marine Officer) tells them they won’t launch a life flight from Brown Field for some reason or another. Somehow some O2 shows up and Colt gets it on the guy’s face.
Jeremy and Kroeker’s hands and arms are covered in cuts from pulling apart the car. The guy’s blood is everywhere. Smells like a fresh gut pile. They continue to pull the car apart. Mexican Police arrive first, then Mexican EMT. This is about 1.5-2 hours after the Marines arrive on scene.
Up to this point all this is pretty standard expeditionary, combat medicine. Stop the bleeding, start the breathing, protect the wound, treat for shock – ingrained in every Marine from day one- totally routine, JV-level stuff, all happening in a permissive environment (i.e. nobody is shooting at them while this is happening).
This is where it gets weird: At least six Mexican EMTs show up and stand around scratching their heads and assessing for about 30 minutes while Gracyzyck and Kroeker are telling them what to do in Spanish from inside the vehicle. Finally Kroeker gets out and tasks the TT co driver with holding up the vic’s body, so he can breathe. Kroeker then finds the Mex in charge, tells him to shore up the vehicle, find the jaws of life, pry bars etc. Colt and Jim actually show them how to use the equipment – where to attach the pneumatics etc. Kroeker places the jaws, gets back in the vehicle, moves his hands up the guy’s legs to his ankles and holds his hands on his feet while telling the jaws operator how far to expand. He gets one leg free and the guy is screaming in pain. Kroeker is now laying under him again, bench-pressing his torso up while freeing his leg and applying pressure on his armpit.
From inside the vehicle on the opposite side, Graczyck is backbriefing the EMT on time of incident, vitals and telling the EMT where and how to insert an IV and what meds to administer. Finally they get the other leg free and a back board inside the car. It takes Graczyck, Kroeker and two EMTs to move the vic upward onto the board and get him into a cervical collar.
They get the guy into the Ambulance and help the EMTs clean up the scene. The vic’s mother is on scene, Kroeker briefs her on what to do – there are two good hospitals in Ensendada and several clinics. Make sure he gets to a hospital and not a clinic. Permit the indig doctors to get him stable and wounds clean then immediately extract to San Diego. Do not permit the Mexicans to do surgery.
Robby Gordon is watching. This is what he was talking about at the meeting.
Anyway, that’s what happened. The latest news is that even though the guy's arm was hanging by a piece of meat the size of your thumb for many hours, it looks like it will be able to be saved. The guy is going to lose most if not all of his triceps however. He's not out of the woods yet. Broken pelvis, numerous open fractures, etc.
Here is a link to the website

I have a firm testimony that Heavenly Father is in control and know of each of us individually.  Tragedy happens, and we are asked to walk on roads that are agonizing, but I also know that the Holy Ghost is there to guide and direct and comfort.  I know that these Marines were lead by the Spirit to be prepared and to be ready that evening.  They of course, will accept nothing of this “angel” and “heaven sent” talk.  They say it was just what they already knew to do.  An everyday thing.

Kent Kroeker wrote a post about the conversation he and Jeremy had before leaving for their practice.  Jeremy asked what they should pack, and Kent made some mention that is was just a routine thing, that is wasn’t going to be any big deal.  Jeremy laughed at that and they decided yes, they should pack some basic survival stuff.  The truck already had a medical kit but they were obviously guided to be prepared.  Kent said that Jeremy will certainly never let him forget about this “no big deal” night.  We are so grateful that these specific men were there that night to help James through this moment.  Kent has said several times since then that he did nothing more than what he does every day, that it was specifically James that had the fight and the courage and he was just there helping.  Kent said specifically that it was crucial to make sure that everyone there believed that he would survive, it was important to those helping and espeically important for James to know that. 

“After James was stabilized, I took his pulse. He had lost so much blood/pressure that I couldn't get a reading from anywhere on his body. At that point it was all up to his courage/will and those around him to calmly believe he was going to be OK.”

In the next few days, James endured many surgeries trying to repair his arm and leg.  He was trapped for over 2 hours so without good circulation, he also had a lot of dead, damaged tissue.  About a week after the accident, they official said that he would be able to keep both his arm and leg, that the Doctors were amazed at the healing, and that they were also able to close up the wounds without skin grafts.  Initially the wounds were so infected and swollen, with the pictures that were sent they had to tell us what we were looking at.  Just yesterday they removed the stiches and staples from the leg, and the Doctor that removed them said that someone must have been “showing off”.  They were time consuming type stitches that help the skin heal and look the best! 

Wiped out!

Tyley has been amazing.  She will not leave James side, even at night.  She slept for 17 days in a chair/bed and finally when they were moved to rehab they had regular bed she could stay in.  James has told her that he knew he would not have survived had she not been there.  I’m sure that she would not have survived had she not been there with him. 

James was also able to have the surgery on his hip as scheduled.  The Doctors were surprised how fast the surgery went and without complication.  He now has a 5 inch plate and screws holding him together.  He will have to be non weight-bearing for 3 months, but in physical therapy they have him up and moving some already. 

He has struggled with low blood pressure and has recently struggled with vertigo due to a calcium crystal that dislodged in his ear, but all is slowly getting better.

More miracles: 

--Skype-ing with their children (it certainly doesn’t make that mommy and daddy heart ache any less, but it makes them smile!)

--Employers that are amazing and generous

SaraMae, Tyley, Kent and James

--A visit from Kent (one of the marines) and his wife on Thanksgiving day.  They were also visited by Cole, another marine.

--prayers and fasting

--A visit to San Diego from the driver, a man that is obviously feeling pain over the whole event, but he was able to meet with James’ parents and has provided so much support including paying to have their house (all carpet) wheel chair ready with laminate flooring, etc, and offering a private jet to fly them home when he’s ready.

--Happy kids!  Those two sweet babes are certainly watched over right now by a loving Heavenly Father.

--Oodles of support, volunteers!  We have been working on the house, painting, flooring, cleaning, organizing, and have had a houseful every night to help!

--an article in the local paper

That’s just the beginning of what we have received.  One of the most important things for me is to see how it has affected my own children.  At this time of Christmas and giving and Thanksgiving, they understand what is most important in life.  They both have offered to give their own time and money to Tyley and James.  Madison offered any babysitting money that I would pay her to go directly to Tyley and James as well. 

The future is unclear for James as far an employment goes, we hope he’ll be ready to work in some capacity at his old job (Construction/Home Energy), but most of all we’re grateful that he is here, to be with his wife and children.  They are hoping he can be flown here next week to a wonderful rehabilitation facility right here in Lincoln, then home SOON! 

I am completely aware that amongst trial and tragedy that things do not always turn out the way we would want them to, but I do know that they turn out the way Heavenly Father needs them to be, for us to grow and change, and to help us serve each other. 


I know you’re thinking the exact same thing someone commented on about this picture. . .”How are you both still the best looking couple even in a hospital?”

Here’s a link to James’ site where you can get updates.

If you are able to give, here is a wonderful site that is matching .20 to the dollar on any donations before December 23.  I know that even the smallest of amounts will make a huge difference.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Day 9 Switzerland—Dad’s 70th Birthday and Switzerland’s “National Day”!

My Dad has always known he was a true Swiss Man!  His Birthday (August 1st) falls on the Swiss National Day!  One thing that my friend Julie told us, is that you don’t often see the Swiss flag out (like in America where they are often out at homes and businesses).  But, for the Swiss National Day they are EVERYWHERE!  Swiss flags and Canton flags too.  Our Bed and Breakfast was decorated well for the breakfast on the big day!  I ordered Dad a custom shirt that says “Let’s celebrate!  It’s my birthday!” in German, and on the back it had a Swiss flag and said “I’m a Swiss man at heart!” in German.  He was a trooper and wore it all day and had several, "Alles Gute zum Geburtstag" comments too! 

day 9 InterlakenDay 9--Happy Birthday Dad!!

Here’s a photo of the crooked stairs at the Bed and Breakfast (I swear the camera is straight up and down) we would laugh everytime as we walked up the stairs and slowly tipped to the right. . .

Day 9 the stairs in Interlaken

We headed to church at the branch in Interlaken, not too far from the bed and breakfast!  Lisa even met one of her good friends parents who are serving a mission there!  (cue: music to It’s a small world. . .)

It was fun to attend church in that small branch and hear the German saints bear their testimonies of the Gospel and of our Savior.  Dad even got up and spoke some wonderful German words about his thankfulness for the missionaries that converted our ancestors.

After church we headed to Grindelwald, a wonderful little town up the canyon a bit.  From there you can ride a gondola up and rent these scooter bikes to ride down.  Good thing they had good brakes because it was a pretty great, fast, and sometimes steep ride!  Julie started off, but made a wise decision after the first hill (and a spectacular wipe out!) to ride the lovely gondola back down and wait for us there.  I believe her words were “well, I think maybe if I could ride a bike I could do this. . .”  She also used her wise advice that she has taught her son, Lincoln. . .”if you’re going to crash, lean for the grass!!”  She had some good grass stains on her shorts and legs!  She was a trooper and the rest of us headed down for a wonderful, and of course, picturesque ride!day 9 Grindelwaldday 9 Grindelwald (2)day 9 Grindelwald (3)day 9 Grindelwald (4)day 9 Grindelwald (5)day 9 Grindelwald (6)day 9 Grindelwald (7)day 9 Grindelwald (8)day 9 Grindelwald (9)day 9 Grindelwald (10)day 9 Grindelwald (11)Day 9 Grindelwald (12)day 9 Grindelwald (13)

Look at that VIEW!!  Well, if I’m being honest, Dad scared me to DEATH watching him wiz by me on that bike!  But I think he LOVED it!  I told him “Dad, please slow down, I don’t want to pick up your teeth off the road.”  Guess what his smart-aleck remark was to me (his dental hygienist daughter)?  “Well, at least you’ll know which one is which to put them back in!!”  HA!

Day 8 Grindelwald scooters LisaDay 9 Grindelwald (14)day 8 Grindelwald scooters Wendyday 9 Grindelwald (16)

Here’s a good look at the back of Dad’s shirt. . .day 9 Grindelwald (15)

At the tail end of the scooter bike ride we drove by a beautiful church and cemetary in Grindelwald and pulled off the road to see if we would find any gravestones with our families names on them.

  day 9 grindelwald (26)

SEE!  I wasn’t kidding when I said the cemeteries here were beautiful!

day 9 grindelwald dadday 9 grindelwald dad2day 9 grindelwald (36)

Here’s another one of those great water fountains they have in every town in Switzerland.  I’m convinced it’s so all the hikers and bikers can fill their water bottles!

After the scooters we needed to head back to Interlaken’s main street to get our place for the big parade!

Day 8 Interlaken parade groupMy Dad has told us about these parades for years. . . they always start with the BIG Swiss cows and the huge ornate bells for the celebration!day 9 Interlaken (5)day 9 Interlaken (7)day 9 Interlaken (11)day 9 Interlaken (13)day 9 Interlaken (14)day 9 Interlaken (18)

It’s the Swiss Way!  The clean up trucks were right after all the animals to clean up the street before the rest of the parade!

day 9 Interlaken (21)day 9 Interlaken (23)day 9 Interlaken (26)day 9 Interlaken (28)day 9 Interlaken (31)day 9 Interlaken (32)day 9 Interlaken (35)day 9 Interlaken (38)

day 9 Interlaken (39)day 9 Interlaken (41)day 9 Interlaken (42)day 9 Interlaken (44)day 9 Interlaken (45)day 9 Interlaken (47)day 9 Interlaken (51)day 9 Interlaken (53)day 9 Interlaken (57)day 9 Interlaken (58)day 9 Interlaken (64)day 9 Interlaken (65)day 9 Interlaken (66)day 9 Interlaken (70)

These were the boyscouts (or at least whatever they have like that in Switzerland) doing some fund raising.  I like the idea of just having the blanket and people just threw their change.  They had several running around collecting all the misses too!day 9 Interlaken (71)day 9 Interlaken (73)day 9 Interlaken (74)day 9 Interlaken (77)day 9 Interlaken (78)day 9 Interlaken (79)day 9 Interlaken (82)day 9 Interlaken (86)day 9 interlaken (88)day 9 Interlaken (90)

And right on cue, the cleaning crew was out again!  Then everyone just joins right in for the parade!day 9 Interlaken (93)day 9 Interlaken (92)day 9 interlaken (94)

After the parade we walked back toward the hotel.  We had noticed some sort of little “amusement park” ride place just across the street earlier, so we decided to check it out!  It was kind of little a little personal roller coaster ride that was called “Heimwehfluh” which means “fast path!”  Boy was it!  You took a little ride up the hill. . the rode down!  It was a blast!  For the first ride, I did get pictures at the end, but I think we all must have been a little timid and kept the break on.  For the last ride  I was the first one down and got to see everyone else come down. (Heidi did pictures at the top)  They had a break for you to stop the cart, but most of us didn’t realize it was going to stop itself so quick!  So everyone that came down so fast that second time had a total whiplash moment, Heidi’s was the best!  Her glasses that were on her head completely flew off!  It was hilarious and we had a great belly laugh over it! 

day 9 Interlaken (98)day 9 Interlaken (99)day 9 Interlaken (100)day 9 Interlaken (101)day 9 Interlaken (102)day 9 Interlaken (103)day 9 Interlaken (105)day 9 interlaken (106)day 9 Interlaken (107)day 9 Interlaken (108)day 9 Interlaken (109)day 9 Interlaken (111)

We were exhausted from the day, so we headed back the B&B and rested for a bit.  We had a yummy dinner at a restaurant just North of Interlaken in a town near Beatenberg.  The clouds were rolling in and there was a pretty fantastic thunderstorm during dinner.  It cleared just a bit and we headed toward main street in Interlaken again where they have a huge fireworks display.  We brought umbrellas and enjoyed the fireworks in the rain.  It was fine at first, we’d just get dripped on a bit when we’d tip our umbrellas too far to look.  But eventually I think they just said “forget it!” and lit up everything, with the rain the smoke was so thick that you couldn’t see anything!  We could hear all the fireworks but couldn’t see anything but smoke.  It was so funny!  One would go off and we’d say “Oh!  That one’s my favorite!” 

We also had an adventure getting back to the hotel, thinking we were taking the “easy” way.  But it was a fun night!  Happy 70th Birthday Dad!

Oh, I told you I’d explain more about William Tell and the Swiss National Day. . .(I thought the main story was the whole “shooting the apple off of his sons head!”.  Not so.)An emperor of Austria had come to the canton and village near where William Tell lived to try and take over.  He ordered the people there to build him a new castle.  His servants would also carry around his hat on a pole and order the people to bow down to it.  William Tell would not do it.  He was arrested and as punishment was required to shoot an apple off of his sons head with his crossbow.  He was successful but one of the servants had noticed that he had pulled two arrows out of his quiver and questioned him what the other one was for.  He told him that if he had injured his son, the other arrow was for the emperor.  This angered the emperor and instead of setting him free as promised, he bound him and took him to his ship to be transferred to another castle.  A storm came up on the Lake and Tell escaped.  When the emperor caught up to him, Tell shot him.  In celebration the townspeople tore down the castle they were building and had a huge bon fire.  To this day, on August 1st, their Swiss National Day, they build bon fires all over the mountains and towns to celebrate!  (and NOW you know. . .the REST of the story. . .)