Wednesday, July 19, 2006

The leader of the pack. . .vroom. . .vroom. . .

So, I'm fresh from vacation. . .many blogs to come, but I had to post this one first (technically, it's the second one since blogger ate my first one, so just a note of advice, always save as a draft THEN publish. . .grr.) Anywho, one of the highlights from the last two weeks was the blogger dinner. I was so excited you guys could come, and on such late notice. We had Oh judy, ~j., me, luckyredhen, pottymouth, the jet set, compulsive writer, oh judy's sister ("tina the sistah, who promised to start blogging if she could come. . .just a reminder!!), melody's garden and tiffany twisted.
It was funny that we introduced ourselves by our names and then our blog names just so we could go. . OH! I love you! When Shannon walked in I said to Lisa, "Oh, it's lucky red hen!" So, she sauntered over with her pink leather jacket and a sweet helmet and we just had to know. . .she rode her orange harley!! Oh, do show, do show! So after we all had a great time talking and laughing and eating too much (I'm still dreaming about those avacado eggrolls!) we headed out to the parking lot and waited with anticipation as she suited up, then came revving by! CW even got to go for a ride!! Here she is doing her best impression of Marie Osmond at Chick-fil-A!!