Thursday, December 29, 2005

Family Fringe Benefits

OK, I've got an awesome family and I married into another one. . . we've got some big time fringe benefits!

Here are just a couple of my favorites!!

Matt's sister Tiff is a photographer. Not just a photographer, but an awesome, amazing photographer! Pretty much any great pictures you see of me or my kids was taken by her. . . see our Christmas card above! Not only does she take great pictures but she's a pro at using photoshop so she can take the bags out from under my eyes, wax my eyebrows (like I really have any!) and whiten my teeth all from her little computer. Bless you photoshop! She can also make children smile that weren't before. In the original above photo Molly wasn't smiling, so she just took a picture that she was smiling in and moved her face!!
P.S. you can check out her website at Hey, for as many pictures she does for us, I can do a little publicity. . .

Another of Matt's sisters, Amber, has worked for a store as a cake decorator for almost 10 years, Check out these awesome cakes she has made for my kids for birthdays

Madison's princess castle cake. . .

As opposed to the cake I made. . .

Just kidding that's one she got to make at preschool in the ez bake oven!

And Molly's favorite doggy cake. . .

I'm hoping she can make some awesome ones in about a month. January 31st is Madisons birthday, and February 1st is Mollys!!

Thanks to the fam!! Love ya!

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

You're it!!

Ok, I've been tagged by my buddy Christy for this 24 hour thingy. You list something significant, or not so significant that occurred at each hour at some time in your life.

12:00 (midnight)--at this hour, I'm most likely finally getting to bed and I'm usually up (for the first time, not the last) to check on which kid was doing that weird cough

1:00 --I'm usually up again. I don't think I've slept "through the night" since Madison was born.

2:00 --hmm. Hopefully I've been able to sleep maybe a full hour without the kids coughing, sneezing, making strange breathing sounds, or with Matt accosting me from the other side of the bed. . . sorry, you probably didn't want to read that, but hey, I'm here to give the facts.

3:00 --this is the hour with all of my preganacies that I was up to go to the bathroom

4:00 --this is the hour that my family usually is up 'til when we get together. We stay up all night playing games, cards, etc. Sometimes we fall asleep between turns. . .

5:00 --I've probably been up a few times in a panic that I've overslept

6:00--on February 1, 2001 Molly Sue entered the world at 6:50am. She was about 5 days late, but when it was time, she came fast and furious.

7:00--just two years and 1 day earlier, Madison Mary Jill Mar entered our world at 7:56. She was 2 weeks early and caught everyone by surprise.

8:00--I'm a dental hygienist and also a faculty member at the UNMC College of Dentistry, this is the hour that clinic begins, hmm, do I want to be a nice instructor today???

9:00 --Madison starts school at this hour. I think 8 am is WAY too early for school to begin. I'm a product of afternoon kindergarten and I like it that way.

10:00--everyday this is when my stomach starts growling. Time for a little snack.

11:00--Whitney Afton Carolyn Mar came along just this past March 14th at 11:43.

12:00 (noon) --umm, anyone want to go out to lunch??

1:00--Matt and I were married almost 11 years ago at the Salt Lake City Temple during this hour.

2:00 --time to catch up on the laundry and see what's going on in the celebrity world with EXTRA! (Ok, it's yesterday's show, so I guess I'm a day late on the news.)

3:00--the attack of the kids. Molly is done with preschool and Madison is done at 3:38 (an odd time, I know) from her day of 1st grade.

4:00--If I missed Oprah at 3pm, I can watch it again!!

5:00 --No clue what to fix for dinner. Deciding what to have is one of my least favorite things to do. . .

6:00--hopefully by now the kids have been fed something.

7:00--Ah, that blessed hour of the beginning of prime-time!!

8:00--during the school year this is the hour that hopefully my kids are headed to bed (if I'm lucky!)

9:00--on the nights that Matt works late, this is when he supposed to be heading home

10:00--many nights, this is when Matt finally gets home. This hour is usually busy since the kiddos are asleep and I can run around and get all my things done. Matt and I catch up on the day, and watch some tv.

11:00--hopefully by now I'm headed to sleep, usually one of the kids has been fussing up or by now, but hopefully is back to bed for the night.

Ugh, that made me tired. I've been tagged by Lisa for another little ditty, so I'll get around to that maybe tomorrow. Good night my blog friends.

Monday, December 05, 2005

Oh, to be a cat. . .

Hey Smokey, how about YOU be the mom today, and I'll be the cat. . . .