Wednesday, July 23, 2008


Yep, Handsome. That's our Simon.

Check out some sneak preview pictures of our announcements. . .courtesy of my fabulous Sister-in-law Tiff.

Whitney lovin' her little brotherLOVE the baby feet. . .Hi little dude. . .I love those little newborn wrinkles.Simon's blessing day at home. . .Saturday July 19thSimon and his daddy. . .Look at those faces!

Friday, July 18, 2008

An Olympic competitor

Matt missed the big "proud-dad" moment, but I was there to recount ALL of the details.

Now Matt says that Simon will win the official 3rd grade boys competition.

We were at the Dr. for his jaundice check and the nurse had him all worked up after all the temperature taking business, and weighing him totally naked in a cold room. She picked him up with just the little paper cover underneath and he calmed down and was giving her the "big eyes/Ahhh/he's so cute" look. And Whammo.

He totally sprayed ALL over her shirt, and once she moved out of the way he sprayed all the way to the wall, down the wall, soaked the carpet, the cabinets, everything. We (my mom, me and the nurse) were all laughing so hard we didn't know what to do, so we just let him finish his business (who knew that a baby that small could hold that much??) and then the nurse spent 5 minutes cleaning up the whole mess.

As the nurse left the room she said, "Well, now I have something exciting to talk about at dinner tonight, and I need to go find a new shirt."

I guess we should have brought along those Pee-pee Tee-pees.

And I knew I couldn't post without some more sweet pictures of our BOY!!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Simon Matthew

This is Matt. Wendy wanted me to post some of the photos of our son. I will let Wendy give you the details of the labor & delivery. Wendy was a trooper, I'm not saying that it was a very difficult labor & delivery, it's just she did gave birth to a baby. It's really an amazing process. Well, here are the stats, 7lbs 15oz & 20.5" long. Mom and son are doing well. With out further ado...

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Progress. . .

No, not in the baby department, in the house department!!

After our big waterproofing last fall, we needed to fix up our main room in the basement (rec room/family room/craft room/play room, etc.), so paneling was pulled off, glorified-cardboard/particle board ceiling pulled down, recessed lighting added since we have 2 incredibly small windows in there, drywall, paint, trim and now carpet!!
Of course I didn't take any "before" pictures so the best I could come up with was the photos from when we had our tornado warning. . .

Here's a look at that fabulous wood paneling! Not only wood paneling, but REAL wood paneling (I guess this was before "fake" wood paneling was cool.)

and now for the new!!
Boo! Maddie! Caught you by surprise.

And of course, what is the room best for (before it's all filled up?), Cartwheels and somersaults!!

And now for the "compromise". . .

When Whitney's room was finished, we had painted it a fabulous pink/pink/with a stripe , and as soon as we were done, Matt said "you know that this means that we're having a boy next". . .little did we know it could be that easy!!

So, what to do? I decided we'd just split the room. . .

Quite fabulous if I do say so myself, and once again, completely stolen from a pottery barn catalog idea.