Friday, October 31, 2008

Even Superheroes. . .

From last night at "Boo at the Zoo". . . .

Sometimes even superheroes need to catch a ride.

Even superheroes have cute sisters posing by pumpkins.

And posing by the tree.

Even superheroes have supercute big sisters dressed up as June from Little Einsteins. Even superheroes need to eat.

Even superheroes have super cool "hip hop" girl big sisters.

Even superheroes need a little nap.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Halloween past. . .

Here are some pictures of our Halloweens past. .

Here's Madison and her cousin Hannah at "Boo at the Zoo", little cutie butterflies. . .Fall 1999.

I'm missing a couple of years in here. . .Fall 2000 Madison was Minnie mouse (see Whitney's picture below)

2001: Madison was a ladybug, Molly was the butterfly costume Madison's in above.

2002: Two Cinderella girls.
2003: Molly was Minnie, and Madison was a Minnie cheerleader

2004: Sleeping Beauty girls, complete with wigs. When Molly got out of the car at preschool, they didn't even recognize her!!We also were expecting Whitney so check out our pregnant pumpkin. Funny story: We had left the pumpkins out a little too long, for two many frosty nights and they were mush. When I tried to pick up the "momma" pumpkin, the baby kind of fell out the side where it had broken and Madison screamed: "It's having a c-section!!"
2005: One of my favorite ones. . .Madison is a rock star, Whitney a punk rock baby, and Molly is Belle.

2006: Molly is Ariel, Whitney is a chicken (another one of my favs), and Madison is wearing my old Shirette (high school dance team) uniform.

2007: Madison is a disco gal/hippy gal (in my MOM's real vintage outfit!!), Whitney is Minnie, and Molly is Dorothy (really, it's all about the dog.)

This years Halloween pictures will be up tomorrow!!

Friday, October 24, 2008


Matt and Simon reading the Sunday Sports section together.

I'm heading out for almost 24 hours away from my home. Some friends and I are attending "Time Out for Women". It's only 45 minutes away, in Omaha, but several gals are going up tonight to eat/shop/"get away", and spend the night at a hotel (a REAL time-out) and go to the program tomorrow. I knew I wanted to go to at least the program tomorrow and that Matt would be fine having Simon and the girls for the day, but I really wanted to go up tonight for that girl time. I love my husband, for lots of reasons, but today I especially love him for being SuperDad.

Ever since we brought home our first little bundle (almost 10 years ago!) Matt has always been willing and able to take over when I needed him to. We have fussy babies, or I just stress out too much, but whatever the case, he's always been willing to say, "just let me take the baby and you go. Do whatever you need to do for yourself." I really love my children, but every mom needs some time away. I think every husband/father needs to be left alone with their newborn for at least an hour or so within that first week of life. It's bonding time right??

We've been lucky that our kids have all taken to the bottle well, so I could pump and leave, to have at least a couple of hours alone, or out with the girls when I needed it. I recieved a complement on Matt's behalf just a month or so ago. I have a new calling in the Stake YW (serving with the "young women" ages 12-18 in our church), so we as a presidency were going out to meet with a small group/branch. That night Matt's aunt said how impressed she was that Matt was there at our regular meetings with all 3 girls, and baby Simon for all 3 hours of our meeting block, and that she knew few men that would do that. I love that Matt allows me to serve without having to worry about traveling with Simon (not fun, but getting better), and dealing with him while I'm trying to help others. He's not always able to take Simon, but if he is, he's always willing.

So, when the question came up a couple of months ago about me going up tonight to eat/play and spend the night and attend the women's conference tomorrow he said, "Sure!". Thanks honey. Not only will he be on his own tonight for "Simon duty" and have all the kids tomorrow, but here's what's on our schedule for tomorrow.

8am: Matt is an early morning seminary teacher and has a meeting tomorrow morning. He's taking the girls (they'll be fine to play in the other room) and having Simon with him.
10am: Molly's soccer game
12:30pm: Madison's soccer game
after that he needs to help Madison get ready for an overnight Halloween camp that she's going to with a few friends.

OH, and just to top off the SuperDad weekend, he got prepurchased tickets to take the girls (Grandma is watching Simon--thank you!!), to go see High School Musical 3 tonight! It's a surprise for them, and they will F.R.E.A.K. out. I told them we wouldn't be able to see it until next week. Thanks babe! I love you bunches and bunches.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Smarty Pants.

Whitney was over-tired and not listening, so I sent her to time out. . .

Me: "Whitney, I said No."

Whitney (fussing, and crying): "No starts with N!!!!"


Thursday, October 16, 2008

Thanks for the kicks

Hey, look how happy I am!! I got some sweet new shoes in the mail today! They have some awesome guitars on them, and they're gonna keep my toesies warm in these Nebraska winters.
The only thing is I have no one to thank! There was no name on the shipping papers. . .SO, Thanks someone out there!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Stock Market funny

My Dad was talking about starting up an investment account for the grandkids and my brother made a "suggestion" for one of the stocks we could look at. . .
"Hey What about the all time great (very conservative and Blue Chip) General Motors? Now trading at a 46+ year low, and only down 94% from its high in 2000, $90 down to $6. Their cars don't even depreciate that fast."

Good one Todd.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I think the bad thing about Corelle dishes never breaking is that. . .

Maybe, just maybe, they SHOULD break. That would necessitate buying NEW dishes. You know, like getting rid of the ones you got for your wedding shower oh, like, 14 YEARS AGO!!

It's time. Here are a few I'm looking at, and now that I'm finally looking, what the heck took me so long. It's not like dishes cost as much as getting a new car!! (Well, I guess some could, but the ones I'm considering certainly don't).
I just want something simple, actually I'll probably go with the catering plates (really, they're only like $50 for 12 plates!), then I can change things up with cool bowls and cups now and then, or at least more often then every 14 years.
Most of all, any of you out there with your country kitchen in country blue with mauve hearts, with cows and cute little farm animals and a hand painted scripture display that you made in "Homemaking", just send me your address, and I'll gladly pack up your dishes!!
And look here. . .I found the perfect place mats and napkins on ebay to match!!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Please see the school secretary.

Do you think one of these would look funny on my Motorola Razor cell phone? No, really, because I think I have caused a pinched nerve. Don't you totally remember every one of your school secretaries (yes, that's what they called them ALL back then) having one of these??
I guess it's time I find my bluetooth headset.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

One Moment More

Ever since I first heard this song, I've been addicted. Such a tender expression of love. At first, it immediately made me think of the Nielsons and Clarks. The pain that they are enduring as they patiently wait for recovery. It makes me think of their sweet children and how they long to be together as a family again soon. It makes me think of my sweet husband and my dear, dear children. It makes me want to plead with them to stay young and little. It also makes me so thankful for the Gospel in my life. Thankful that although our life here on earth may seem short, we will be together for eternity.

p.s. just a reminder to pause my playlist music on the right side before you watch the video.

Monday, October 06, 2008

It's my party. . .

This will be another pity-party of sorts, but I think every new mom is entitled.

I'm fully convinced that Matt and I have beautiful babies. . .and that they are total stinkers. I love them like crazy, but it's true.

Simon was a great baby for the first 3 weeks. He was always kind of a fussy eater, but he did fine. He pooped, he slept, he ate, etc. Then Matt and the girls left me and went to Maryland for a week. I figured, it'll be great, I'll just sleep when he sleeps, I won't have to pick up after the kids, fix meals, etc. GREAT! Yeah, then Simon turned on me. One night he totally refused to nurse, no matter what I tried he just screamed. I even put him down because I couldn't hold him anymore and came downstairs and called Matt (3 am Baltimore time--thanks honey!). Several times I would have to just let him cry so I could pump a bottle to try and feed him. He usually took those okay, then we could both sleep for a bit. Basically, if he was awake, he was mad, and even when he slept, he was really restless.

Off to the Dr. . .I actually was able to meet the lacation consultant PA, so she watched what would happen when I nursed him. . .fine for a minute or so, then he would pull off and s.c.r.e.a.m. I was in tears, she was in tears, not knowing how to help me or him. Hmm, maybe reflux? He wasn't a total spitter, but he was definitely in pain. Oh, and maybe that whole milk/soy protein intolerance thing that Whitney had. (Oh, NOOOOOOO.) She tested his "stool". . .(there really just isn't a good word for it. . .), neg. for blood---yeah, so maybe he's not allergic. We'll try the meds for reflux and see, and probably start the no dairy/soy diet again (can I really be crazy enough to do that again?)

Oh, and "does he sleep in the car ok?, some reflux babies hate it because of the positioning".

Me: "Oh, he usually does fine in the car."

I shouldn't have said that. . .he screamed from the Dr to the pharmacy and back home (35 minutes).

Long story short (too late), here's the rundown. . .

About a week later, still not better. Matt finally arrived back home and gave me a much needed break. He had become a terrible nurser (it was like I was fighting with him!), would sometimes take a bottle, but if you stopped 1/2 way through for whatever reason, forget it, it was over. Called Dr. to go back in, now the "stool" check was positive, so definitely diet and I decide I'm also going to get him on the hypo-allergenic formula ($$$$$, he only will drink down the ready to feed kind, $$$$). Phone call back to the Dr a couple of days later (I'm sure the nurses on the phone line thought I was totally losing it--maybe I was--I was crying so badly I could hardly talk to leave a message. . .), so, now a different med for the reflux (oh, thank goodness for insurance b/c AFTER insurance it's still $50 for a month supply). It was beginning to take it's toll on Matt and I, one night I was headed out to the store, he smiled at me and said

"If they have some sanity, go ahead and buy that too."

I said, "I'm not sure we can afford it. . ."

He said, "I'm sure the Grandpa Gary fund would gladly pitch in for some sanity!".
In the beginning of September I decide we need to try just straight formula to see if he could actually ever be a happy baby. Still pumping, and dieting, and saving it (just in case. . .). I nursed him for the last time (I was a little sad about this but I realized that it was just like a wrestling match that he wanted no part of--the milk would be pouring into his little mouth and he would just pull away and fight and scream.)

Somedays he's better, somedays he's not. We still have no idea what the problem is, not sure if he really has reflux, not sure if it's milk/soy intolerance allergy, or if it's just colic. We gave him a month of just formula and this week tried some breastmilk in with the formula. Again, somedays he's fussy, some he's fine. I'm convinced he's just a boy. . .can't decide what he wants. I tried to nurse him once again, he looked at me like I was crazy. I can't believe he'd rather want the nastiest smelling formula but oh, well, I'm over it.

I've also decided that I can't do that ridiculous diet anymore, I have about 2 months worth of saved pumped milk, and I'll keep pumping this milk to try later, but I can't starve myself anymore. What goes best with a screaming baby? Triple fudge brownie ice cream!!

So here's what keeps me going. . .

well, this AND that he's actually sleeping through the night, and I mean like 11pm-7:30am!! Can I get a AMEN??

Thursday, October 02, 2008

I'm here to PUMP you up!

Ahh, sweet freedom.

The day your kid learns to pump themselves on the swing. . .almost as good as the day they can tie their own shoes!!
Oh, and Molly insisted she needed a picture too. . .hey, surfer girl!