Wednesday, January 31, 2007

My "BABY!"

Happy 8th birthday Madison!!

Happy birthday to a fabulous daughter!!

Sunday, January 28, 2007

We're all in this together. . .

Who's excited to go??

So, I told the girls that I was taking them somewhere for a special surprise for their birthdays coming up. (I also made sure that they knew that this would NOT be an "every year" thing!!)
I had seen that High School Musical the concert was coming to Kansas City (about a 3 hr drive), so we decided to make a birthday present of it. I drove down with the girls (Whitney stayed with Dad), and we got to our hotel. . .
This was their "initial" reaction when I told them what we were doing. . .I know, such a great reaction huh? So, I explained a little more and then got this. . .

Here we are at the show, we had decent seats, not too far, not too close, I had brought some of the girls Christmas money we had put away, so they bought t-shirts, glow sticks and some snacks. . .Before the show even started, Molly said "I know how this is going to work. . I've seen them show this on Disney Channel, they're all going to come out and everyone is going to go crazy and scream really loud. . ." Well, she was right . . . .I know you all REALLY want to see all these pictures. . .well, maybe your kids do anyway. The "Stars". I was a little disturbed with Miss Ashley's outfit. . .I was somehow relieved that there were at least little bloomer shorts under that "skirt", I kinda dug her socks/boots though.
"Ryan and Sharpey" Everyone loves a good jazz square. He was the MC for the night, he's actually from Missouri and his mom was in the crowd. . .
Here's Vanessa. . . .

And Monique Coleman did some "Dancing with the stars" routine, while the fill in for the main guy (Drew Seeley) sang
More screaming
This was the best part. . .Molly loves the song that Gabriella sings "When there was me and you" except she calls it "the song when the girl is sad". . .She sang the whole thing--notice her glowstick microphone--she sang it at the top of her lungs and I don't think she even noticed I was snapping pictures of her!

"Getcha head in the game"

Corbin Bleu singing his new "Push it" song. It was SUCH a coincidence that almost everyone from the show has their CD coming out RIGHT NOW!!Vanessa and Drew sing "Soaring, Flying"
"We're all in this together."


The girls had a great time, it was fun to see them enjoy it.