Friday, April 25, 2008

mon petit chou

Every week I get an email from Babycenter giving me updates on how my little one is most likely progressing. Not only do I get to hear about his eyes opening, and how he can now hear noises, but I also get to find out what kind of fruit or vegetable he is that week. This made sense in the beginning but now it's becoming a little odd. Here are some examples

4 weeks--"your baby is the size of a poppy seed"

5 weeks--"your baby is the size of a sesame seed"

6 weeks--"a lentil bean"

7 weeks--"a blueberry"

8 weeks--"a kidney bean"

9 weeks--"a grape"

10 weeks--"a kumquat"

11 weeks--" a fig"

12 weeks--" a lime"

13 weeks--" a medium shrimp" (NOT a small shrimp, a medium one)

14 weeks--"a lemon"

15 weeks--"an apple"

16 weeks--"an avacado" (and you KNOW how much I love those!!)

17 weeks-- "weighs as much as a turnip"

18 weeks--"the length of a bell pepper"

19 weeks--"a large heirloom tomato" (well, let's get specific, Bob.)

20 weeks--"length of a banana"

21 weeks--"length of a carrot"

22 weeks--"length of a spagetti squash"

23 weeks--"weighs as much as a large mango"

24 weeks--"length of an ear of corn"

25 weeks--"weighs as much as an average rutabega"

26 weeks--"length of an english hothouse cucumber" (I think they're having to really think now.)

27 weeks--"weighs as much as a head of cauliflower"

28 weeks--my favorite this week that took me back to high school french class

"weighs as much as a chinese cabbage"

Thursday, April 10, 2008

A birthday music quiz

So Christy is officially 33! For her birthday, and her party, I made her a compilation of music with a song (or two) from each year of her life. I used this to quiz her and the other guests since she is a music whiz.

Here's what I had: songs listed below were on the CD. I played a snippet of each to see if she and the other guests knew what it was. I also had a bonus question for a song from most of the years. . .see how well you do. **Now updated with answers**

1975- Thank God I’m a country boy—John Denver
Jive Talkin’ –Bee Gees
Bonus question: When this song plays everyone breaks out in their best karate moves. Kung Fu Fighting--Carl Douglas

1976— A fifth of Beethoven-Walter Murphy and the Big Apple Band
Bohemian Rhapsody--Queen
Bonus question: "Just get on the bus, Gus." 50 ways to leave your lover--Paul Simon

1977—Dancing Queen—ABBA
Bonus question: Although you’re not a drinker, you may find yourself singing “lookin for my last shaker of salt” with this tune. Margaritaville--Jimmy Buffet

1978—Carl did a version of this lovely tune for the Road Show. (ok, that one may be hard since you weren't there, but Carl was Thomas Edison, and sang a love song about incandecent light bulbs.) You light up my life--Debbie Boone (Carl sang "I light up your life.")
Stayin’ Alive—Bee Gees

1979—My Sharona—The Knack
Bonus question: Roller skaters everywhere still love to skate to this tune and do “this” with their arms. YMCA--the Village People--come on j~, you KNOW you love it, even if you did the mini version with just your fingers.

1980—Rock with you—Michael Jackson
Bonus question: "How about a pair of pink sidewinders and a bright orange pair of pants?" Still rock and roll to me--Billy Joel

1981—Jessie’s girl—Rick Springfield
Bonus question: "First they say they want you, how they really need you, suddenly you find you're out there, walking in a storm." Love on the rocks--Neil Diamond (Christy is a huge Neil fan, so I had to pick at least one!)

1982—Bonus question: Who can forget the video to this song staged in a sweaty gym. Physical-Olivia Newton-John.
867-5309/Jenny—Tommy Tutone

1983—Every Breath you take—Police
Bonus question: From a movie that popularized leg warmers and off the shoulder sweatshirts. Flashdance-Irene Cara

1984—Hello—Lionel Richie
Footloose—Kenny Loggins
Bonus question: Who knew that some guys in big white suits and ray guns would make this song popular? Ghostbusters--Ray Parker, Jr.

1985—Bonus question: This video featured the singer in tight white shorts and a shirt that said “Choose Life” --Wake me up--Wham!
Take on me—A-ha

1986—Bonus question: this song brought together Dionne, Gladys, Elton and Stevie. That's what friends are for-Dionne Warwick and friends.
Broken wings-Mr. Mister
2nd bonus question: everyone wanted to dress up as the girls in this video, black dress, slick hair, red lipstick and a guitar. Addicted to love--Robert Palmer

1987—Bonus question: A leather jacket and a juke box. Faith-George Michael
Livin’ on a prayer—Bon Jovi

1988—Need you tonight—INXS
Bonus question: The Jet Set recently featured this song on her blog. Never gonna give you up--Rick Astley
2nd bonus question: a bandana on his head and a great sway when he sang made this song awesome! Sweet Child O Mine--Guns n Roses.

1989—Bonus question: This artist recently tried to make a comeback on “Gone Country”, the song was remade by Britney. My prerogative--Bobby Brown
Cold Hearted—Paula Abdul
Girl you know it’s true—Milli Vanilli

1990—Blaze of Glory—Bon Jovi
Bonus question: this “dance” became a favorite of the clubbers, especially those that couldn’t really dance, since it was mostly weird arm movements, and fierce looks. Vogue--Madonna

1991—Bonus question: #1 song of the year, from Robin Hood: Prince of thieves. Everything I do, I do it for you--Bryan Adams.
Motownphilly—Boyz II Men

1992—Bonus question: 2 kids who wore their clothes backwards had us all doing this. Jump--Kris Kross.
Tears in heaven—Eric Clapton

1993—Bonus question: this video featured a “rhythm nation” gal and her friends hanging out in her loft. That's the way love goes--Janet Jackson
I will always love you—Whitney Houston

Bonus question: "Shock, I've got a new life, you would hardly recognize me, I'm so glad." The sign, Ace of Base.

1995—Hold my hand--Hootie and the Blowfish
Bonus question: From the motion picture “Dangerous Minds”, Weird Al took an opportunity to sing a version about the Amish. Gangstas Paradise--Coolio

1996—Bonus question: the most popular line “dance” of the 90’s, I’m sure we could all still remember it. Macarena--Los Del Rio
Give me one reason—Tracy Chapman

1997—Bonus question: a 2nd version of this song was sung for the Princess of Wales. Candle in the wind--Elton John
I believe I can fly—R. Kelly

1998—Bonus question: This songs starts out “I’ll be your dream, I’ll be your wish, I’ll be your fantasy, I’ll be your hope, I’ll be your love, be everything that you need.” Truly, Madly, Deeply--Savage Garden
Gettin’ Jiggy wit it—Will Smith

1999—Bonus question: How she started it all, in a school girls outfit. Baby, one more time--Britney Spears.
Smooth—Rob Thomas/Santana

2000—Bonus question: this video featured the group hanging from puppet strings. Bye, bye, bye--NSYNC

2001—Bonus question: Christina Aguliara, Pink, Lil Kim, and Mya. Lady Marmalade.
All or nothing—O town

2002—Bonus question: "If I could just see you. . . .tonight”, this video featured the singer playing her piano all around town on the back of a trailer. A thousand miles, Vanessa Carlton.
Lose yourself--Eminem
Sk8er boi--Avril Lavinge

2003—Bonus question: Just this month these two mega stars proved the title of their song by getting married in NYC. Crazy in love, Beyonce and Jay-Z.
Your body is a wonderland-John Mayer

2004—This love-Maroon 5
Bonus question: this American Idol made her “break” with this song to the soundtrack for the Princess Diaries 2. Breakaway--Kelly Clarkson.

2005—Boulevard of broken dreams—Green Day
Bonus question: She was a hater of the cheerleaders in this song. Hollaback girl--Gwen Stefani.

2006—Bonus question: This song had us all shaking our hips and shaking our heads wondering how this odd pair got together. . .a Columbian woman, and a former member of the Fugees. Hips don't lie--Shakira and Wyclef Jean.
Sexy back—Justin Timberlake

2007—Girlfriend-Avril Lavinge
Bonus question: ella, ella, ella, ella. Umbrella, Rhianna.

2008--No One-Alicia Keys

Sunday, April 06, 2008

A General Conference moment.

Whitney's favorite thing lately is to ask "Who sing dis Mom?" whenever I have some music on or we're in the car. . .so, as the Tabernacle Choir was singing during conference this morning she said. .

"Who sing dis Mom?"

and without waiting for my answer she added,

"Iss not Maroon 5."

You're right, sweetie, it's not.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

All is right with the world.

Please tell me that you shed a tear when you first saw