Monday, January 30, 2006

Beaten by a four year old--Tic-Tac-DOH!!

We took the girls out to celebrate their upcoming birthdays this week. We had free kids meal coupons come in the mail so we headed to Famous Daves. Molly went straight to work on her coloring workbook while we waited. Wanna play tic-tac-toe? Alrighty. Ok, the first game (on the top) I wasn't really paying attention, but come on, how hard is tic-tac-toe? So, Molly beat me on the first game. She was pretty excited, and I started paying attention. My brain must be on overload right? Yep, Molly won game two. Now she was laughing at me. Time to get serious. I thought I had her but oops! Every time she caught me in the trap of being able to win in two places. So, I lost again. Maybe she really is magic. (See this recent post), or maybe she's playing too much of the Merlin game that Madison got for Christmas. (Did that picture bring back any memories?)

Thursday, January 19, 2006

Can I get a AMEN??

I take the same route to work every Friday morning. I happen to pass by this church, I'm not sure what type of church, but I always check out what their little sign out front has on it. I'm guaranteed to get a laugh out of it for the rest of the ride to work. I'd been meaning to blog about all the sayings I've seen, and after seeing Phreads latest blog, I was inspired! Here's what I can see on any given Friday. . .

This one was up this summer, during a nasty tree mite infestation. . .yuck, don't ask.

No screening calls anymore.

Extreme Makeover: Church Edition anyone?

hmmm, looks like it's working to me.

This one could be construed a little differently. Hmm.

This may get some takers in the month of August.

And yes, I did save the best for last. . .

Friday, January 13, 2006

Introducing MAGIC MOLLY

"Mom, pick a card ok? Pick a card and it has to be an ace ok? Ok, just pick any card and it has to be an ace ok?

"Is THIS your card Mom?"
"Wow, you're MAGIC Molly!!"
"I know."

Thursday, January 05, 2006

Just a normal trip to the supermarket

So, I guess one would assume that a nice family of mice live at the local supermarket. Perhaps they could just stay hidden and not make themselves known WHILE I'M SHOPPING!! I was getting some babyfood for Whitney, and I guess the 4th sweet potatoes jar was too much for one hand. I dropped it and it crashed on the ground. I knelt down to push some of the glass shards out the way and a little mouse ran out from under the aisle shelving to investigate and quickly ran back in. . . maybe he wanted to try the sweet potatoes. EWWW. Smokey. . . want to go shopping with me next time? If there is a next time???

Tuesday, January 03, 2006

It ain't pretty. . .

Ok, it's official. I'm addicted. To the new INXS song "Pretty Vegas". I caught the last few episodes of Rock Star and was voting for JD Fortune (nice rock star name. . . ) all the way. And I loved the song he wrote for the show, and the other band members must have loved it too, since it's on their album. You can check it out at and select track 2. It was the first download to my new ipod (which also made finishing the Book of Mormon (yesterday!!!) much easier!) So enjoy, and it's one of those songs that must be played loud!!!