Friday, May 30, 2008

We interrupt this NYC blog post. . .

For a message from your meteorologist. . .
Holy cow, did you see any forecast pictures of what went through my state last night??

This is a picture of I-80 by Kearney, Nebraska. A little bit away but not far enough. I spent most of the evening trying to convince Madison that it was going to miss us, and it did, thank goodness.

Nebraska in the summer? good times.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I say it's my birthday. . .

So, here's a sneak peak at some pictures from our trip to NYC. . .check out my birthday cake!! We had dinner at The Palm last Thursday night to celebrate!

I have a gazillion more photos to upload so it'll take a while, but they're coming!!

Friday, May 16, 2008


Here's the proof I have so far that a little BOY is on the way (besides the ultrasound of course!)

--The kid does NOT stop moving

--The amount of burping, heartburn, and gas he causes is impressive

--Boys are big eaters. . .my bra size has NEVER been this big, even when I was nursing my girls

Too much info? Sorry, just keepin' it real.

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Police recap, thanks Christy!

So, head over to Christy's blog for a great recap of our fun night at the show!!

I can Amen
--Sting's big guns. . .still rockin' it at 50-something.
--Andy's shoes and Stewart's headband (really, it's hard to be up there next to Sting)
--The skills. . .these guys are seriously awesome. Stewart on those chimes. . .crazy.
--The loud factor--it was LOUD. . .and I'm not just getting older.
--The voice. . .amazing that Sting can sound exactly the same, just better after all these years.

and a big thanks to my brother Todd for being the cool brother with the cool music when I was growing up!!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Sending out an S.O.S.

No, really, things are going great and Matt will be home Friday night. .

Just a little blog about my day "off" today. . .I work 8-5, then get the kids set with the sitter and go. .

to the POLICE concert!!!

I can hardly wait. . .Oh, and opening for them?

Just Elvis Costello.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

better, thanks.

Thanks to some good chocolate, thanks Janelle and Shannon, I'm much better (I ate 3 brownies immediately and the other 2 for breakfast the next morning!)

The girls gave me some cute cards, and drawings this morning. . .and Whitney bounced right in and handed me her card saying. . ."It's your birthday MOM!!" Then the other girls sang "happy mothers day" while she sang "Happy birthday". It was fabulous.

p.s. the bathroom is DONE! (minus the paint. . .coming later)

Happy Momma's Day to all of you bloggers out there!!

Thursday, May 08, 2008

It's my party. . .

Let's review. .

Matt's out of town (been gone since Sunday, back NEXT Friday). Friendly reminder. . .this Sunday is mothers day.

For what? "training", that he's already admitted is the same thing they've been doing HERE AT HOME for the last 3 months.

Oh yeah, I'm huge, 30 months pregnant, the point where you can't pick things up and you have to think twice before you sit anywhere.

Remodeling? Yep. Our "fix-it" guy is doing it, so that's fine, but I'm in charge of running back to the store (I've lost count) to pick out this and that. . .

Oh, it's our bathroom, so the fixtures have been off, and it smells like sewage, even with the pipes stopped up.

Oh, did you remember that I'm pregnant and have a robo-nose?


time spent in the car 9:20-11:30 (ortho appointment, running around doing whatever, I can't even remember now)

time spent in the car again (4:25-8:30) Dance after school, then RUN to soccer practice, then RUN to activity day girls, pick up some food in between there. . .

Chow down the food in the car while waiting for the activity to start. . .

Whitney grabs the lemonade and completely upends it and dumps the WHOLE cup (ice and all) on the floor of the van (full box of kleenex, assorted papers, OH, AND the DVD player. . .)

Go back to the hardware store to pick out different shower fixture

Forgot my reciept

Forget it, I'm not paying that much anyway, we'll just put the old one back on.

I have to pee, I haven't gone since lunch I think.

Need milk at the store, but no way I'm going.

Home. . .try out the toilet that's hooked back up again. . .hmm. . .what's all that water on the floor. Haul my pregnant body to the floor to clean it all up, turn off the valve, write a note for the fix it guy.

Girls need a bath, but that means the huge bathtub upstairs. . .not happening tonight.

Great, gotta go, the cat just threw up, AGAIN.

Party's over.

p.s. weeks like these (when I'm on my own) make me appreciate mommas like la yen SO much more.