Sunday, June 29, 2008

"Don't try to take over my fit please."

Whitney was throwing one of her fabulous fits. . .crying, sobbing, throwing herself on the floor, so I decided I would mimic her. . .so I start crying, sobbing (not throwing myself on the floor, because I might not get back up), and she automatically stops, looks right at me and says. . .

"NO. Just me."

Then continues on with the fit-throwing like only a fantastic 3 year old can.

Monday, June 23, 2008


Overheard this morning: (Scene: Whitney in the bathroom--on the potty, Mom at the computer. . .)

"Mommy!! I push a BIIIIGGGG Poopy!!"

This whole potty training thing may actually happen before this baby arrives.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

In a New York minute, part 1

My wireless connection doesn't like me to try to upload too many pictures, so this is it for now. . .more coming later.

Our first morning in town we wandered over to CBS just down a block from our hotel, and Harry Smith was outside doing a little story with a golfer setting a guinness record for number of golf balls hit, so we hung out and watched. We actually called back home and had them set the DVR just in case the camera caught us (and they DID!), for a tiny, itty, bitty second, if you paused it just in the right place. . .He DID set the record, in case you were wondering.
Hello, Central Park! Check out the view from our hotel!! We were on the 36th floor right on Central Park South, and check out my lovely hubby brushing his teeth (good boy.)

Just ONE of our lovely nights out eating! This picture didn't want to stay upright, but you get the idea. This was our last evening, we ate at Ruby Foos just off Times Square. It was a Asian/fusion restaurant. Delish, and TONS of food. We had 16 of us there, I think, so we just ordered one of everything and passed it around!Waiting in line. . .in Battery Park to get on the ferry for the Statue of Liberty. . .amazing what 30 mintues can do. My brother in law Sterling arrived 30 minutes before us and got right on.
We got the FULL experience. . .and waited. . .and waited. Good thing it was a perfect NYC day.My brother in law Jon doing his best imitation with his water bottle.
There she is. We decided we didn't need to go inside the Statue of Liberty, we just wanted to see her. We continued on the ferry over to Ellis Island and walked through the exhibits. Interesting stuff, we could've used more time there.
Ahh, aren't we cute!! Look at my fantastic pregnancy cheeks!!

Eating at Rolf's restaurant. The food was so-so. It's an old German restaurant, so my Dad impressed us by ordering in German (his mission language). This evening everyone but Heidi, Lisa and I headed to the Yankees game. We opted to see a show. . .we saw "In the Heights", which by the way, just won a bunch of Tony awards last weekend. Fun, entertaining well-done show. Here's Scotty's birthday cake from Rolf's. . .black forest cake, it was GOOOD.

My Dad outside the Spamalot theatre. This was from the last evening we were there. We were hoping Clay Aiken would still be performing, but he was finished about 2 weeks before we came (apparently busy doing his "album" and providing his life source for a baby. . . .) It was a well-acted, funny show, complete with a sing-a-long at the end of the show. . ."Always look on the bright side of life"
Still to come. . .more shows, more eating, more views. . .

Wednesday, June 11, 2008


So, I was going to post tonight all the silly pictures I took of my little family in our basement for 2 hours tonight during the Tornado warnings (again.), but instead my heart is hurting over this story coming out of Little Sioux boy scout camp, not too far from us, this evening.

Monday, June 09, 2008

There's gonna be burstin'

Dearest soon-to-be-delivered son. . .

Seriously. There is no more room. At any moment I feel like you are going to burst right through my belly button. Oh, and thanks for the lovely arrangement of new stretch marks. I realize it's just as frustrating for you with your needs to s--t---r---e---t--c--h, and poke, and tickle the inside of my hip bone. I know we both are looking forward to your (hopefully) quick escape in a month, so, until then. . .much love, and Simma' down!


P.S. Dear bloggers,
I have officially hit the panic mode. . .aka, nesting. Here are a few things that have me frustrated. .

--How long can I really use my infant car seat? I still have the one from Madison who just turned 9, no car accidents with it, it's in decent shape still. . .do I use it or just go ahead and splurge on a new one?? (and a new stroller to go with it??)

--How do you momma's feel about the new anti-BPA, plastics thing with baby bottles/sippy cups. Something we really need to worry about? Do I use the same old bottles my other kiddos obviously survived on? I'm a nurser, but also a pumper so my baby and I can have a break from each other.

Saturday, June 07, 2008

murphy's law. . .

Ah yes, another great example of Murphy's Law

Have your husband completely clean out refridgerator, wipe down with bleach because with your pregnant robo-nose, everything stinks.

1 week later. . .hmm. . .this yogurt seems a little "warm", eww, yep, fridge has completely given up. I guess that's what we get for inheriting a "Hotpoint" fridge when we bought the house 9 1/2 years ago. Goodbye, Hotpoint, Hello LG french door/freezer on the bottom, actually fits in our small little space, new fridge.

Thursday, June 05, 2008

Not exactly in the plans. . .

I got to find out what a "Code-Black" at Walmart means last night.

any guesses?

I also got to see the staff room at Walmart with a few hundred other people.

All thanks to the Tornado warning that ripped through our town AGAIN!! I'm already tired of it, and the season has just begun.

I thought I could make it to the store and back before the storm. Matt called and said he and the girls were headed to the basement because they had just issued the warning for our county, meanwhile, people were just shopping away at Walmart like it was no big deal (it really wasn't a big deal, the storm was on the north side of town and missing us again). About 5 minutes later the sirens started so they came over the speakers and made an announcement that all shoppers that weren't "at the doors", had to leave their carts and head to the back of the store. We only had to be in the staff room about 15-20 minutes until the warning had officially expired, and I made some friends and chatted away while we were all stuck. My only regret? My camera is sitting here on the desk, so no pictures for the bloggers. I really wished I had my camera when I stepped back outside. It was only 9pm (usually still fairly light outside), but the whole sky above me was pitch black and all along the horizon it was bright blue. . .really, tornado weather is awfully pretty. Once I got home, I called Matt to come outside and see a fantastic lightning storm, the best I think I've seen, it was like the 4th of July.
p.s. with all the rain we've had (I think it rained ALL night last night), I really glad we decided to do that big waterproofing project (tear out the whole basement all the walls, install drain tile, sump pump, etc. . .), our basement is dry as a bone this morning!