Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Lucky number 7

Alrighty. . .here we go ~j.

7 things I want to do before I die
--go back to Jerusalem
--be with my children in the Temple
--travel with Matt's family to China to do some geneology
--learn to love to exercise. . . um. . .nah.
--have a great flower/garden backyard with awesome grass that you love to take off your shoes for.
--be on "Who wants to be a millionaire", or "The Price is Right"
--throw fabulous dinner parties

7 things I cannot do
--be comfortable with confrontation
--turn off the tv
--keep my house clean for more than 24 hours
--that stupid arm hang in the presidential fitness test
--listen to that overplayed "So you had a bad day" ONE MORE FRICKEN' TIME!!
--be the mother of 7 kids
--eat sauerkraut-- sau·er·kraut (noun) meaning--" Chopped or shredded cabbage salted and fermented in its own juice." Ugh.

7 things I CAN do
--a cartwheel
--make some awesome crab rangoon
--eat all of the cookies made from a refridgerated roll of chocolate chip cookie dough
--drive to Target in my sleep
--wiggle my ears
--take a 1.5 minute shower
--stay up all night playing cards or board games

7 things that attracted me to my spouse
--him wiping his sweat on me after playing basketball (hey, I was 14, he was 15. . .whatdoya want?)
--fabulous smile
--loves kids
--big family that spends tons of time together
--I loved, and still love watching him play basketball
--his love for me
--come on, he's babalicous!

7 things I look forward to every day
--pop tarts
--that just woke up sleepy snuggle of Whitneys
--Madison letting me kiss her goodbye before school (I know it won't last much longer)
--Oprah, Ellen, Dr. Phil--pick your poison
--Blogging (writing, and stalking blogs. . .yes, you are one of them.)
--watching Rachel Ray as I wonder what the heck I'll fix my kids for dinner.
--seeing Matt give fly rides, horsie rides, crab rides, walk on the ceiling rides to get the kids to bed. They love it.

7 movies I could watch over and over (and over)...aka "I love the 80's"
--Breakfast Club
--Return to Me
--A Christmas Story
--Sixteen Candles
--Better off Dead
--Top Gun
--Mr. Mom

7 people from whom I'd like to see 7's. . .
--who am I kidding? I think I'm the last one to finally get this done.

Saturday, May 27, 2006

Welcome to the suprise restaurant mom!

Ok, "Toot-toot"!! Just tooting my own horn here. It's my birthday. My 32nd (wow, that seems old). The girls set up a "surprise restaurant", complete with candle and everything. For the breakfast menu this morning we have Krispy Kremes and OJ. And just why are we eating in the living room? "So we can watch the wiggles!" Duh.

Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Dude, where's my car?

Am I the only one that walks out of Target and thinks. . .Now, did I park over there or was that yesterday when I was here? Maybe I need a reserved spot.

Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Sharin' the LOVE

"THE shirt" is very addicting. . .all I could think is I NEED ONE OF THOSE! OR 7!! See the background story of "THE shirt" at my friend Cjane. I spread the love of the shirt to my sisters when I headed out to help out with my new nephew. My mom even was able to come! I LOVE this picture with my Mom making the crazy face. My Bro-in-law was just snapping away about 20 pictures (half with my eyes closed). I was so excited my mom could be there. . .she's serving as a Temple Missionary in Nauvoo, but the temple was closed to get ready for the crazy summer so she came for a few days. My sister Heidi lives in San Jose and my other sister Julie came down from Seattle. It was a crazy couple of days with all of us there (I stayed an extra week after everyone left). . .lots of organizing and game playing and Julie even treated all of us to manicures and pedicures. (Grandma stayed home with the babe, so we could all go).
Oh, and just as an afternote, and a whole different kind of love sharin' (since the finale was last night!):

You're killin' me. . .


Sunday, May 14, 2006


So, I just returned from the land of Charlie Brown (aka Santa Rosa, CA), after 10 days with this little peanut snack. Isn't he just delish? Oh, and did I mention that I got to go by MYSELF? That's right, NO kiddos! (At least not mine anyway.) Big, huge, gigantic kudos to my hubby who used up a week of vacation to spend at home with the girls (he did get away for two ski trips this year with my Bro-in-law, so this was the payoff). I spent my days driving my sisters kids here and there and everywhere, doing grocery shopping, cleaning out fridges/freezers and sorting through all the girl clothes she could finally get rid of, and best of all, snuggling that little guy. It was busy but it was all good. Crazy, but all good. Oh, and I also had a little fever. You know the kind right? My sister, after having 4 beautiful girls, finally had a boy. (Megan, the one in the middle actually fell asleep before we got to the picture--the only night left that all of them would be together--so that cut back on the possibilities, but I think it turned out cute. We had to keep telling Annie--right next to the babe--ok, close your eyes, now, don't smile. . .and try and keep the older girls from cracking up)

Now, I have 3 girls of my own, so I was of no help to her in the baby boy department, but we worked it all out. I love babies at this age that you can just get to sleep and prop about anywhere to take a picture. . . Justin was very accomodating with all my photo taking. Flash after flash as his little eyes would squint, then relax, squint then relax. . .

This picture was, of course, minutes before I had to leave. . .Oh, wait, maybe I need a picture with ME in it too!!
Heres the little collage I put together to go with their announcements today.

So, I'm back to my normal life. Madison was excited to see me, Molly decided she was ready to just stay with Dad. "Well, I did miss you but I need more time with just me and Daddy." --as she heads to his car to ride with him just minutes after I arrive. Whitney looked so old to me (I guess that's what happens when you go from snuggling a very cuddly 8 pounder that just wants a warm body to hold them, to a sqirmy 20+ pounder that wants to wiggle out of your arms any chance she gets). Whitney had a fussy night last night and decided she wanted to be awake and not happy from 2:30-5. It was definitely "my night", after being away for 10 days. So my fever is fading. . .but Whit also started taking her first steps today. . . .
Welcome to the world babe, your kind is addicting. . .

Monday, May 01, 2006

My own Zoolander

Some of my buddies have taken to reciting Zoolander when Matt comes by. He had sent his information to the Lincoln Community Playhouse to be contacted about auditions. They contacted him sometime later about being in a few ads (print and commercial). One in particular he said was for a "political ad". This got raised eyebrows from me and a quick, "Well, you just better find out what it's about before you go putting your face on it. . ." When he got home he said, "Hon, I guess you would approve. . .it was for a commercial for Tom Osborne running for Governor of Nebraska." Oh, well, ok, then. . .If you don't know who Tom Osborne is, well, shame on you. Just kidding, he is just THE COACH of Nebraska Football, coached us to the fabulous championships and after retiring ran and won for a House of Representatives spot. He also was key in starting and running a neat program called Teammates, which matches tutor/mentor with children/young adults. Anywho, now he's running for governor, and can I just say as a native Nebraskan that it may be the biggest sweep ever. So, back to my little Zoolander, people at work and church and around keep stopping him to say, hey I saw you in that commercial!! So here he is. . . here's the website, and you just need to click on "see TV commercials" and then you can click through them (it's on the left sidebar). He's in the "expect"--that's him walking up at the very beginning, "taxes"--blue suit, "really, really good looking" guy, and "remarkable"--same video as taxes, just a little longer picture of him. So, hey check out my own personal hottie.