Saturday, October 03, 2009

Higher! Higher like a flyer!


He really is smiling under there.  Speaking of “he”. . . Simon is all big boy now.  When did that happen?  He is a toddling, babbling, bundle of big boy-ness.  Non-stop eating.  (I swear I really do feed him although he contests otherwise at all times.)  He bursts into laughter after someone else does, just so he’s sure to be in on the joke.  He constantly opens and shuts things loudly and tosses his toys around with joy.  He is one beautiful boy. . .so beautiful and fun that we’ve decided. . .






we’re done.  Really, as I discussed with my bestest the other day. . .I’ve been having babies for 10 years.  I know that some women have babies for much longer but I’m spent.  I also feel very done.  I had initially thought, well, I’ll give it until Simon’s a year old (I can make NO good decisions when I’m so sleep deprived and crazy. . ).  As Simon reached that one year mark I was so excited.  Ready to “move-on” in life.  I’m ready for all of us to go places, not to have to pack snacks, diapers, sippys, worry about naps and babysitters.  Most of all we just know it.   I really had been wondering, but the moment I knew was when I was holding someone’s little tiny babe (I LOVE babies. . .), and she started to fuss.  It used to be like a challenge to me when I was holding a baby and they fussed, like I was saying, OK, watch me in action, I can get this baby to be happy, go to sleep, let a little gas go . . .whatever.  But this time the first thought in my head was. . .yep, I’m done. 

I have 4 beautiful children and a wonderful hubby right along my side.  Those children are growing and growing literally before my eyes.  Madison can look me right in the eyes now and shares my shoes. . . I’m coming to realize  that in only 8 short years, Madison will graduate. 

I’m excited for “life” for my kids.  I’m ready to be that big momma bird that preps and talks and practices with them then sends them off flying.  Of course, I’m not ready for that but I’m excited for it.  They’re ready, and because they’re ready I have to be.