Sunday, September 25, 2005

Now there's an idea. . .

Just when I thought I'd seen almost everything.
How about this for Halloween?? A Whoopie cushion?? I wonder if it really works if you squeeze the kid??

Tuesday, September 20, 2005

My so not a vegetarian 4 year old

Today I picked up one of those rotisserie chickens at the store, (ok, I feel like I have to justify that statement--it was lunchtime, and freshly cooked, I was tired, I was weak and it was only $4.48, and hey, they're pretty good.)

Molly ate up both of the "drumsticks", or as she called them--the legs. The whole time she was eating, she was saying. . .MMMM. ..that's some good chicken.

A half an hour later, she comes to me and says Mom, can I have some more chicken? I said sure, I would get it after I finished putting Whitney down for a nap. Sooooo... 2 hours later, she finds her way back to me (I always manage to forget. . . hmmm, funny how that happens), holding the chicken package in her hand, and says, "HELLLLOOOO, bemember--she always says it that way:)--you were gonna get me some chicken? And this time, (as she begins to make a sawing motion on her body, with her eyes wide and crazy) I want the arm!!!"

Friday, September 09, 2005

Our COOL summer project

Madison was asking ALL summer to do something COOL! How about cleaning your room? That's cool! Then those lovely eyes would roll, just like any other 6 1/2 year old (going on 13) would do. So, Matt decided to order some monarch caterpillars online. We had found a caterpillar a few years ago and watched it change into a butterfly and the girls loved it, so we thought we'd give it a try! Well, we managed to kill all the first set (when they arrive, they're so tiny you practically need a microscope to transfer them to the new container!). It was alright though because if you manage to kill at least 1/2 in the first 72 hours the company will send a new set out!! While we were hunting for milkweed (the only thing they will eat) we did manage to find a couple of bigger caterpillars, and it's a good thing too because those were the only ones we managed to keep alive. By the time we were done with the whole process, I wondered if we got these caterpillars for the kids or for us. Matt and I would sit and watch these little creatures and be amazed by the changes into a cocoon and into a butterfly. The kids thought it was cool too, but we had to keep saying, kids, come watch, come on, come see this!! We even videotaped the caterpillar changing into it's cocoon. That was impressive. It kind of unzips it's skin and flips inside out (not really, but that's the best way to verbalize it!) . The girls ended up naming the butterflies Becky and Emily. So now whenever we see a monarch, they say, hey, there's Becky, hey, there's Emily!! Alright, it gets the stamp of approval for COOL summer project!
Enjoy the photos.

See it??

Ooh, that tickles!

How many can you see in there??

The classic "hanging J", that means it's ready.

Time to hibernate

All done.



Not so cool anymore mom!!

New home (Becky)

Another new home! (Emily)

Where did my baby go??

Roar!! This is my new scary face!!

What did you say??

Oh, you like my socks? Me too!!