Thursday, August 27, 2009

Did you hear that?

Did you hear that noise?  I think it was jingle-bells. 

When the weather cools off a little I always start thinking of the Holidays.  I blame (praise?) my mother, Queen of shopping ahead of time.  In fact, I already have her gifts to my children for Christmas (wrapped, with bows, with a card) upstairs in  my storage closet.  I have a handful of things already, but I’m in the mode of finding things they will really love, not just play with for a bit, then toss into the never-ending pit that is “the playroom”.  Here’s a couple of things I’ve bookmarked from blogs that I’ve seen that I love.  I need to get in gear to make these. . . idea  

How much do you love this?  Finding the things that Simon loves, pictured with the cute block letters?  Love this idea Liz!!

name pillowidea

Really cute/designed name pillows for your kiddos to claim their turf (well, at least where they lay their sweet heads.)  I know that Design Mom posted about these as well, but I can’t find the original post.  Here’s a picture from a recent post where you can get a glimpse of Oscar’s pillow.  These would be super cute to make ahead for your kids bestest buds birthday gifts too!


Well?  Get to work!  Just hear those sleigh-bells jing-a-ling. . .

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Cake time!

We had our family party for Simon the Sunday after his birthday. . .presents, yummy food, and of course, the cake!  (oh, and don’t worry Duff, I obviously won’t be taking over Charm City Cakes anytime soon. . .)

IMG_4467 IMG_4477 IMG_4482 IMG_4487Hmm, just a taste. . .  IMG_4488

 IMG_4490 Oh yeah, shovel it in!!IMG_4491 IMG_4494Who’s birthday is it??

 IMG_4496 So big!


 IMG_4500  MMM, cake in the ears.IMG_4502 IMG_4506 IMG_4510IMG_4511

All cleaned up and playing after a much needed bath!IMG_4515 

Happy Birthday Sweet Boy!!

Simon’s 1st birthday!!

**editor’s note:  Simon is not one today (actually it was on 7/11 which is when I originally attempted to post this. . .I’ve changed to using Windows Live Writer and was having some trouble with the pictures. . .but now it’s all good. . .let the blogging resume!)


My BABY is ONE today!  Wow, that was fast (click for a peek at his very first post).  He was a really awful baby (of which I will remind him often. . ), but now he makes up for it big time.  I am completely in love with this little boy!  Happy Birthday Si-si!


I totally stole the idea for his shirt from Tesia, a friend from High School.  Super easy and it turned out so cute!


Simon is. . . So big (his latest trick)

IMG_4399 IMG_4400

I kept trying to get a picture of the back of his shirt and he kept turning around to find me!!



We headed out to the zoo. .  .



Molly went up to the dog show in Omaha with Grandma Mary so we missed her!!

IMG_4424 IMG_4427

See ya dudes!  More pictures of tomorrows big party with cake of course coming up soon!!