Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Dancing with "MY" STAR!!

Big bonus points for the hubby this Valentines Day!

I opened my card (was impressed that I got it before my head hit the pillow tonight)

Here's what it had. . .

Confirmation of registration for a BYU Continuing Ed course in . . . . .

Ballroom Dancing!!

Now, here's some background. I'm a dancer. LOVE to dance. L.O.V.E. to dance. I took all the classes at BYU and was even on one of the ballroom dance teams.

Matt is a fantastic basketball player. Not so much a dancer. Not a whole lot of rhythm. He tries, and lets me lead.

He did take ballroom dance lessons once to surprise me for our wedding, and he did pretty good.

Still, I miss ballroom dancing, REALLY dancing, not just the stuff you get at the adult church dances.

So, HERE is what the plans are. . .

We're going to this

I can hardly wait. It's a week of dance lessons, dinners, parties. . .(my kids will be staying with my Mom in Tooele--just about 1 hour away--so we COULD go to "visit" if we needed to, but we won't!) We've never been away from the kids, just the two of us. I don't think even for a night? Maybe once.

And did you happen to scroll down to check out the instructors for this?

World-champion couples!

And did you notice or recognize the names Tony Dovolani and Elena Grinenko? Yeah, that would be them, from Dancing with the stars! If they can get those stars to dance, they can get MY star to dance!!

I love this gift, especially because it's something that Matt knows I love and I miss, and I wish he could do. . . .

excuse me, I need to dust off my dancin' shoes!

2, 3, cha, cha, cha. . .

p.s. I'll be there June 25-after July 4 sometime. . .let's plan a blogger party!!

Monday, February 12, 2007


"I'm sending out an S.O.S."--ok, I'm ready to break out all of my "Police" music after last night's grammy opening (and by the way, why wasn't that crowd going crazy?. . .) ANYWAY, that's not what this is about. .

I need your help.

I was minding my own business at church yesterday and got the "Could I speak with you for a moment" from a member of the bishopric.

You are reading the blog of the current roadshow director.

Not sure what a "roadshow" is? Well, way back when, they used to do these big play/muscial productions with all kinds of themes and travel around showing off their stuff. These days, if they still happen (they haven't had them here for years), they just have everyone show up and perform them on the same night (yep, that means like hours and hours. .)

Thus the call for help.

I initially said, "oh, boy, I don't know. . ." then he handed me the sheet of paper with an underlined part "no more than 10 minutes long". .

"OH, I can do that."

I was thinking back to the huge production show that Oh Judy's mom put on when we were youngins. (Oh Judy and I and our friend were a mock up of the Supremes singing "Our country is like a lovely symphony. . .a splendid melody. ." I still remember all the words)

So, only 10 minutes long production and include as many people from the ward as possible.

So, our theme for the roadshows is "Heros and Heroines". We're supposed to come up with a mostly musical, creative, funny show. They suggest using well known music and changing words to fit your show.

Here's my only idea so far (and I think it's not too bad. . .)

"American Hero" based on American Idol, of course. We can have an MC (mock up of Ryan Seacrest), and have a huge number of "American Heros", singing about whatever they've done/what they're famous for. . . .to be named (cue Ryan Seacrest voice)
"Your next . . . . . . American Hero".
With some big concluding number with everyone. . .

So, help, help, help. . .it's not until October so I have time, but I'd like to get it done and rolling ASAP.
Any other theme-related ideas???
Hero/heroine choices???
Song choices???
Costume ideas???
Dance numbers????
Funny little diddys that I won't be able to come up with on my own????



Thursday, February 08, 2007

See ya later, DECORATOR!!

Are you guys watching Top Design?? I love Project Runway and Top Chef, so I'm trying it out. I don't love it as much as the others. . .but it's ok. Here's one thing I have noticed though.


is the love child of


am I right, or am I right??

I guess I have to keep watching. . .I LOVE The Breakfast Club AND A Christmas Story!!

Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Not now sweetie. . .Mommy's ROCKIN' !!!!

I think I may have missed my calling, or maybe it's not too late. . .

I'm addicted to Guitar Hero. We had lots of family in town last weekend and my sister-in-law bought it, ya know, for the KIDS to play. Little did she know that the adults would be taking over. My other sis-in-law has it at her house (just to take care of), and she called last night to ask some random question, AND

"oh, and if you feel the itchin' to play guitar hero, come on over."

She only had to mention it. .

I called back a while later to say I was on my way. .

She said, "Oh, good, I feel like I shouldn't play by myself."

Yep, it's obvious, we're "guitarheroaholics."

Oh, and it's spreading. . .

Madison rockin' it.Madison and Rod play a sweet duet.Tyley as the lead singer on "Sweet Child 'O Mine"

Me and Jordan playin', and check out Molly in the background givin' some sweet vocals.

Monday, February 05, 2007

Amazing day. . .

Sent to the earth, you were saved through the ages for this day and time.
Child of great worth, child of promise, daughter of the Divine.

Pure and holy in a little white dress, you were held in a circle, and you were blessed.

And the Father looked down, and the angels surrounded that place.
They knew the truth, all that you could do, and you will too, if you have eyes to see what Heaven sees in you.

Dressed in white once more, making promises to follow in Gods way.

So much lies in store, for the little girl who enters at the gate.
Pure and holy in a little white dress, you were the led into the water and you were blessed.

And the Father looked down, and the angels surrounded that place.

They knew the truth, all that you could do, and you will too, if you have eyes to see what Heaven sees in you.

Thursday, February 01, 2007

My "BABY!" #2!!

Happy 6th birthday Molly!!