Wednesday, February 22, 2006

To Whitney

Dear Whitney (my babe that seems to put everything she can find into her mouth these days),
Thank you for not eating my wedding ring and anniversary band that I forgot and left on the floor right in front of you after I put your lotion on. Thanks. I really didn't want to have to look for those in your diaper.
Love, Mom

It wasn't me

Ok, I know you all were just biting your nails wondering. Was it Wendy? Sorry to disappoint but there will be no huge, overpriced Christmas presents this year. No trips to Hawaii, no SUV's. Sorry. I wasn't the one that bought the powerball ticket here in Lincoln. It was a group of 8 employees from a local factory/plant called ConAgra (3 of which actually worked their shift last night and came to the news conference from there.) So, you'll just have to be happy with the general Christmas card and picture this year.

Tuesday, February 14, 2006


Dear Valentine,
We're coming up on 17 years together! SEVENTEEN!! Sometimes I look on our 15/16 year old selves and think we were nuts. Yep, we were, but look where we are now. That road has definitely not been easy. Not that I thought it would be easy, but we've hit some big speedbumps. I was thinking about that today. I think each of those speedbumps was there to slow us down. Slow us down and force us to get to the core of what "we" are. We are in love. We are companions, friends, help-meets, partners, parental units, and lovers. A lot of what runs us over those speedbumps is frivilous junk. It's emotions and anger and selfishness. I know we have to go through it, even if it hurts. I'm amazed at the spirit that we share together. We have persevered and been able to rise above it. Thank you. Thank you for being a fabulous father of three beautiful girls. Thank you for tolerating the pink, the barbies, the tiny polly pocket shoes, and the gymboree and target bags that come home. Thank you for using your artistic abilities to paint their fingernails. Thank you for working ridulous shifts at work so you can be home with them while I'm at work. Thank you for putting up with my nagging and teasing about your perfectionistic side. Thank you for loving to play games with my family until the wee hours of the morning. Thank you for making sure I was welcomed into all your families activities from day one of us dating. Thank you for being patient with me and with all my little (and big) attitudes that I'm sure drive you crazy. Most of all thank you for loving me. So what do you say? Wanna be my valentine? And let's meet on the playground for a little kiss. (The kids can push themselves on the swings!)

Wednesday, February 08, 2006


Did we move through some warp in the universe that I missed out on??

Saturday, February 04, 2006

The perfectionist

Matt and I were wrapping up crab rangoon and wontons for part of "family dinner" at our house tomorrow. I glanced at my pan,

then looked at his

Which pan would be yours?