Saturday, July 23, 2005

We are not afraid.

Hi everyone, check out this link. With the terror events in London over the last 3 weeks, someone had an idea to set up a website to show the terrorists that their attempts to bring fear to us will not work. Check out some of these photos people have submitted. (And maybe submit your own!)

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Tiny Bubbles. . . .

ok, here's how it played out. The "informer", aka, 6 year old Madison comes in my room.
"Um, Molly is drinking bubbles."
"She's drinking bubbles."
I lay Whitney on the bed and go to see what horror is awaiting me. I find the suspect in the kitchen getting a drink from the fridge.
"Molly were you drinking the bubbles?"
"Um, (with her eyes looking sideways-'do I lie about this? What kind of question is that?') Yes."
I have learned from one of the many Supernanny reality shows to get at their level (I however don't have a --everybody now in an English accent-- Naughty mat) anyway, I bend down, "Are you seriously telling me that you were drinking bubbles?" "What were you thinking?" "You can't do that, Molly!"
I'm really trying to hold it together, like I know what I'm doing, but I'm looking at the dumbfounded look on her face, as if she's saying, "Look, lady, why would anyone drink bubbles, obviously you haven't seen enough cartoons of babies that drink the bubbles, then consequently burb bubbles all day long."
I ask her again, "why did you do that?" She puts her little finger up by her mouth and says, "Umm, Umm, Umm, " then looks at me and smiles and says, "I'm just a little nervous, Umm, Umm, maybe to blow bubbles." I can't help it now and I start laughing.
She is the sweetest, most BUBBLY thing.

By the way, the same child just came in as I was typing, with a spoon and the lemon juice from the fridge saying "can I have some of this mom?" Maybe she's testing out her taste buds today? She just came back in, "Um, mom, can I have pizza?" Wow, what a combination, bubbles, lemon juice, pizza. What's next?

Wednesday, July 06, 2005

little thoughts of my days

hubby's gone
just me and my girls
make-up, fingernails, and "can we rollerskate?"

4 and feisty!
Molly what are you doing? "I don't know. . . "
Better go check and see
100 pounds of attitude in a 32 pound frame
makes me laugh, makes me shake my head,
makes me smile
makes me worry, but I know she'll make it,
she's tougher than me
my little sick 5 week old with the breathing treatments
up all night worried about her
lots of tears
look at you now, no fear, no worries
Love those faces, love the kisses
"I just have baby kisses tonight mom."

Where did the time go?
already a 6 year old
mature beyond those few years
she'll be gone too soon
so eager to please and a perfectionist
just like her daddy
but she looks like me they say
always a thought for someone else
"my eyes are getting watery mom, I miss Sarah"
Today I'm fasting for Alijah's surgery tomorrow
Wow, who will you be, who were you before I was blessed
to have you in my life?

My new babe
just learning about you
such a great sleeper for mom
learning how to laugh, soooo sweet and funny
loving your sisters, talking and cooing on and on
already so chubby, I love it! But way too big too fast
I'll enjoy the snuggles, and little sweet noises
my other babes taught me that.
You think I'm the funniest thing around,
and the best thing to look at,
I'll take it while I can get it.


Friday, July 01, 2005

You're joking right???

An ode to dairy. Who doesn't love a big bowl of ice cream? I'm particularly fond of Blue Bunny Super Fudge Brownie, or almost any variety of Ben and Jerry's. That takes me back to my days on BYU campus, shopping at Food 4 Less, loading up our cart with Ben and Jerry's and a few yogurts and oranges to even things out. But back to the dairy. I also have been known to down quite a few oreos with a big glass of milk, ice cold from the fridge. Picture this, the best pizza you've ever had, the kind that leaves the cheese hanging from your chin. A big cheeseburger, ooy, gooy lasagna, big bowl of cereal in front of the tv on Saturday morning catching up on the latest cartoons, the never ending pasta bowl at your favorite restaurant loaded up with cheesy marinara and parmasean cheese, and don't forget the garlic cheese bread. Ok, are you sufficiantly overloaded yet? I could go on and on. Feel free to share your favorite dairy item. Ok, now picture it gone. (Gone, all Gone! --from A Christmas Story, after the famous Bumpus' hounds eat up the turkey!! Love that movie!)

That's where I found myself after giving birth to my daughter Whitney. She's 5 weeeks old, and I'm sitting at the Dr's office for the 4th time waiting for someone to tell me what the heck is wrong with this child. "I can't do this." "I'm not meant to be this baby's mother!" "She hates me." "I wonder if the hospital will take her back?" "Please someone tell me what to do" Ok, before you call me a bad mother for thinking this, do you have children? Have you heard a baby scream at the top of her lungs for hours on end? If you have a baby that slept through the night from day 1 and "never cries" and is a perfect child, get out of the way, you aren't who I'm talking too, and by the way, get real! After the nurse took her diaper from me and waited 5 minutes, she bounced back in the room and said, "Well, there's definitely blood in there!"

Ok, let's make me feel a little worse, I haven't slept, I cry all the time, while Whitney's crying, my two other children are completely neglected, all I can do is feed her all the time and when Matt can take her I eat and eat, chocolate, ice cream, cheeseburgers, oreos with milk, total comfort!!! (Wow, that was quite a sentance, I apologize to all those teachers out there!!!) Now you tell me that my child is in so much pain that she's pooping blood!@!@!@! You're joking right? Even though you couldn't see a thing in there but the lovely runny, mustard, gunk, they swore there was blood in there. Ok, so I thought I was doing this lovely bonding, healthy, nutritious, good for the mom and baby, immunity building breastfeeding and this is what I get. After several minutes of sobbing (I think the nurse was a little afraid) I said Ok, what is going on?

She's probably lactose intolerant, and most babies that are lactose intolerant (or "sensitive"--now you tell me if that blood curdling cry means she's just sensitive!) are also soy intolerant. Which leaves me with the one option of "Rice milk". I don't even want to think of the process of milking rice so lets just not even entertain that thought. Anyway, so the Dr. comes in and hands over the death sentance. "Here's your new diet! " The pages felt like a brick as he laid it in my hands. A full page of things to 'avoid' and then at the very bottom, what you CAN eat. Two small sentances, yippee pretzels. You're joking right? Fruits, vegetables, most meat. Oh, goodie, exactly what you want to eat when your baby is screaming. Let me just whip up a quick fruit salad. Delicious. NO thanks, I want the frozen peanut butter twix. But wait, no chocolate. That has to be a mis print! Nope, you heard it here first, virtually all chocolate (good chocolate anyway) has dairy. It's a little scary to think of a chocolate without dairy. I went home and searched desperately online for anything I could eat. Not a whole lot. If anything I found more lists of things I couldn't eat. Dang Puters!!!! After only a few days on this diet, not really a diet, but more of a torture, I found a chocolate cake mix and frosting with no dairy. I showed it to Matt and he looked at me and said, "wow, I haven't seen you that happy in a really long time." Sorry, dear, there's just something about chocolate, right girls? I think I ate half the cake that night.

So 8 weeks later now, the diet is not any easier, Whitney is better, so I guess it's worth it. Dang kids, they do it to you everytime!! I'm sure I look like a freak at the grocery store, at least that's what I used to think of the people that check the ingredients of everything they buy. (Come on lady, it's oreos, you know it's bad for you, why do you even need to look????) I was so excited to find a brownie mix with no dairy, I think I've told almost everyone about it. Whenever my daughter Madison eats ice cream, she says "this bite's for you Mom, wow, it was good." Everyday I day dream of pizza, cheese, oreos with milk, chocolate. . . So when you find yourself with a big bowl of ice cream, cereal, or eating a snickers, enjoy, I'll be having a huge "Dairy lovers" party in about 6 more months!!!! Maybe a trip to the Ben and Jerry's factory is in order, and we'll stop by the Hershey's factory too! And I'm NOT joking!!!!