Saturday, December 09, 2006


So, my friend surprised me with a ticket to see CATS last Friday. Her parents ended up out of town so we had a girls night out. I've seen CATS once before, but I was in Jr. High I think?

CATS is an odd show. No real plot line, just several different story lines of characteristics and thoughts of cats. All very true, by the way. I actually got a little sad after seeing Grizabella. Grizabella cat is an old cat, past her time. They still call her Grizabella the glamour cat though. She used to be one of the big-time dancing cats I guess. Throughout the show the cats are excited about when it will be midnight and the moon is high and it's time for another cat to recieve their "new life", and there's quite a hubbub about who it will be. Of course it ends up being Grizabella after she sings her well-known "Memory".
I've had my cat, Smokey, for almost 16 years. Although I complain about her plenty, she really is a great cat. She definitely has slowed down the last couple of years, and just last year the vet said she was starting to show her age. We took her in last week and the vet said that she is loosing too much weight, so they did a blood test and found that her kidneys are borderline functioning. So, as I sat watching Grizabella, I wondered if that is how Smokey is feeling. . . .a little past her prime, slowing down, and waiting for her ride to the sky. . .

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Julie said...

We had a cat from the time I was about 4 until I was 18. She got so old and sick that we had to put her to sleep. It was awful. I bawled like a baby, and I didn't even go with her to the vet. We made my youngest brother take her because none of the rest of us could handle it. She was such a great cat. (sigh) Ahhh, the memories.

I love the picture of Smokey in the sun on your couch.