Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Hello, poison control??

Ok, so I just read Christy's blog of bad news. . .and the others that she mentioned there. . .it's spreading.

Matt called when I was just outside of town from the girls birthday surprise trip (another blog tomorrow). . .
"Well, are you ready to hear this??"

"I guess so. . ."

Matt had decided to take a couple of hours off work to try and do some work in our bathroom upstairs. . .(silly boy, to do that with a 22 month old crazy to entertain, but oh, well. . .)

He decided to try and seal some of the grout in the shower and heard a "squeek, squeek. . . ."

This is a well-known sound around our house lately, Whitney can pull a marker or pencil out of nowhere and get to work pretty quick on the doors and walls. . .(thank you Mr. Clean magic eraser-inventor person)

This time she decided to color on our new jacuzzi tub with a permanent black marker. . .great.

Matt rushed over and started to clean it and before long turned around to find Whitney in the shower with the toothbrush he had chosen to put on the sealer with (did he not read my Christmas card about her LOVING toothbrushes???).

He called the manufacterer and they said she SHOULD be fine. Oh, that's reassuring. They said with the little amount she probably got, she may get a little tummy ache, but that's it.


Anonymous said...

Oh MY! When the twins were that age- I had Poison Control on speed dial! I can totally relate! Hope Whit is feeling better!

Anonymous said...

I hope Whitney is okay! I hope your jacuzzi tub is okay, too!

I haven't had to call poison control yet but Eva is sporting a nice black eye, a cut above her nose, and scrapes all along her arms and legs (only one of those injuries is related to Caleb, thank goodness!).

Anonymous said...

So far [as far as I know] the only thing that any of my four kids have ingested was our little 2 year old could manage to put that stuff in his mouth I'll never know.