Friday, August 24, 2007

Happy Valentines on the 4th of July!!

We had a fabulous 4th of July out in Utah! We went to the parade in Tooele with my Mom, Joel and their gang. Really, who doesn't love free candy (not Whitney!), and some big tanks and marching bands??

Here's my girls with my sister Heidi and her Hannah waiting for the parade. . . .Grandma made sure they were prepared with their grocery sacks to hold all their goods! Whitney mostly stuffed hers in her pockets.

After the parade and a fun lunch and BINGO game at my Mom's house, we headed down to be with the Valentines. We had every Thanksgiving together from "since I can remember" back in Nebraska with several other families (and we're even thinking of planning a "Thanksgiving families" reunion!!), so it was fun to get together with our kids and play.We're SOOOOOOOOOOOOO funny. . .I have no clue exactly what was funny, but boy, was it!!
Oh, I remember now. . .Lisa and I went shopping the day before and decided we'd be great wives and buy our husbands a gift. . . . matching t-shirts. Of course, we'd just say, "oh, look honey, why don't you wear this tomorrow for the 4th of July??"

They loved it. . SEE

Ok that's enough, you two.

Holy cow, these kids are really outnumbering us. . .good thing we like them. (Thanks for the thumbs up Miles!)

Here's some other pictures from the rest of the night. . .

Hugh could not get enough of the fireworks. . too bad I was laughing too much to get pictures of all the kids running away when someone gave him a sparkler.
Hugh getting his groove on.

Counting down the days until next year. . .maybe the 4th at the Valentines again? I hope so!!


Audra said...

Those are some great pictures- i like the one of both families in front of the house on the lawn- thats really good!

Matt said...

the matching shirts really complete that picture.