Thursday, December 13, 2007

To: S.C. From: Molly

Here's Molly's letter to Santa this year, complete with lyrics to a song (I'll copy it exactly, then write the translation. . .any of you mom's with 6 year olds should be fine. . .they still write mostly phonetically at that age)

up hiye upon my bed. I hear my santa. my oh my oh my oh my. I like the sawd of that, his jegaln is so true. I wish heed give me that. I love you so much your gifets are so swell. I'ed give you one right nawe.

(Up high upon my bed. I hear my Santa. My oh my oh my oh my. I like the sound of that, his jingling is so true. I wish he'd give me that. I love you so much. Your gifts are so swell. I'd give you one right now.)

This song was complete with a sweet picture of santa in his sleigh crossing the moon with all eight reindeer.

Here's her letter:
To: S.C. From: Molly
Whatever you want to get me is ok. And one more question. How do reindeer fly??

Is that the sweetest or what?


Geo said...

This should tell you at what level I'm operating: I could read her phonetics perfectly!

Geo said...

P.S. Adorable.

wendysue said...

It really does make complete sense doesn't it? You just have to read it out loud (or awt lawd)

Audra said...

too cute!

Lyle said...

Pure. Simple. Innocent.