Friday, April 25, 2008

mon petit chou

Every week I get an email from Babycenter giving me updates on how my little one is most likely progressing. Not only do I get to hear about his eyes opening, and how he can now hear noises, but I also get to find out what kind of fruit or vegetable he is that week. This made sense in the beginning but now it's becoming a little odd. Here are some examples

4 weeks--"your baby is the size of a poppy seed"

5 weeks--"your baby is the size of a sesame seed"

6 weeks--"a lentil bean"

7 weeks--"a blueberry"

8 weeks--"a kidney bean"

9 weeks--"a grape"

10 weeks--"a kumquat"

11 weeks--" a fig"

12 weeks--" a lime"

13 weeks--" a medium shrimp" (NOT a small shrimp, a medium one)

14 weeks--"a lemon"

15 weeks--"an apple"

16 weeks--"an avacado" (and you KNOW how much I love those!!)

17 weeks-- "weighs as much as a turnip"

18 weeks--"the length of a bell pepper"

19 weeks--"a large heirloom tomato" (well, let's get specific, Bob.)

20 weeks--"length of a banana"

21 weeks--"length of a carrot"

22 weeks--"length of a spagetti squash"

23 weeks--"weighs as much as a large mango"

24 weeks--"length of an ear of corn"

25 weeks--"weighs as much as an average rutabega"

26 weeks--"length of an english hothouse cucumber" (I think they're having to really think now.)

27 weeks--"weighs as much as a head of cauliflower"

28 weeks--my favorite this week that took me back to high school french class

"weighs as much as a chinese cabbage"


Audra said...

a pregnant woman and food- I definitely see the connection! Maybe they think since there's food on the brain...they'd try to relate!

Too funny...I wonder what the next week's food will be. What week is watermelon? :)

Queen Scarlett said...

hahaha - I had forgotten they did that. I love cabbage...I do. Any cravings's it going?

Lyle said...

Runza anyone?

And what an adorable little cabbage you've got there.

Amanda said...

Very funny. I bet the girls get a kick out of it.

Ahnah said...

What a tasty baby boy you have in there! How funny.

compulsive writer said...

What if you're secretly hoping your baby is an above-average rutabega? I'm just asking.

cabesh said...

Okay, so this is unrelated, but a darling family from our ward is moving to Lincoln. If she desires, can she contact you for information?

wendysue said...

Cabesh, absolutely! my email is