Saturday, August 23, 2008


In the last week, I don't think many hours have gone by that I haven't thought of the Nielson family. Many of you already know that Stephanie and Christian were critically injured in a plane crash just one week ago. You can read more about and keep updated with their progress at . I remember meeting Stephanie for the first time (I think) in the Clark home with Lisa when I was out visiting her. I remember her as a young dark-haired beauty that chatted with us in their kitchen. I have "re-met" her a few times since then. The last time I think was as we swam at their Grandma's pool with the kids a few years ago when I was visiting again with Lisa.

Since then, I have come to really "know" her as Nienie through her blog (click here), like many of you. What a zest for life. Sometimes I would think, "can it really be THAT great?", after seeing post after post of crafts and smiling kids and love like crazy, I think I've come to the conclusion, that YES, that's how it is. That's how she chooses it to be. I'm sure she's had her fair share of screaming kids, breakdown, and mommy meltdowns, but she was able to find the great part of her day to focus on and to remember. In the last week, as I think of their sweet family, I have tried, like many of you, to find that zest for life that she had. I try to find the "perfect" in my own day and remember that as I lay down to sleep. I try to squeeze my children a little tighter, love my husband more, appreciate my life more, and most of all, thank my Savior more each day for the sacrifice He gave in our behalf.

When I heard the idea of a balloon launch in their behalf, I knew I wanted to take part in it. Tonight we were getting together with some gals from church to celebrate a couple of birthdays, so Christy said she would bring along some balloons that we could set off with our wishes in Stephanie and Christians behalf. We shared their story with these wonderful women and had everyone write a wish for them. As we talked of this sweet family, I watched as each of these women, as mothers, ached for Stephanie, and ached for her husband and children. Instantly I could tell that they were touched by her story.

I had talked with my children about doing our own balloon launch. I had briefly told the girls about what had happened and about the Nielsons tradition. On a funny note, when I initially told Molly about sending a wish up on a balloon, she got all excited and said, "Oh, I'm going to wish for a dog!!". I quickly explained that this was not about her. . .it was about them. As I talked with her more seriously about their situation and how it made me feel, I hoped she understood. I didn't realize until tonight that she completely did. I took a quick glance at her little note she wrote down, without any prompting from me. It said,

"Heavenly Father knows you and loves you." I couldn't have said it better myself.

Our wishes are on their way. Nienie's blog

Tribute video to Nie


Kage said...

So you actually know them? This is all over the blogs....I so hope for their speedy recovery. Good for you for supporting the balloon effort.

wendysue said...

Kage. . .Stephanie is the little sister of my best friends husband, so in a round-about way I know them.

Hollie said...

I watched the tribute video and I've seen them all over the blogs. It's amazing how much support they are getting. I don't know them, but I've been praying and I know my sister has too, she's actually been keeping up with the Nienie blog for about a year now. I feel bad that I didn't know about the balloon launch. Let me know, or post on your blog if there is anything else going on that we can participate in.

Oh, and your family is so adorable!!! I can't believe how tall Maddy is in that picture!

compulsive writer said...

That's beautiful. I wish you could have been in Provo with us. When you were on the phone with Lisa Wednesday I honestly thought you were hoping in your car and on your way. Then I realized it was wishful thinking.

In answer to hollie's question, there is much people can participate in. Design Mom has designated this Thursday Nie Nie Day. And if people go to the links on c jane's blog they will find where to send cards or letters or how to donate to the nie nie recovery fund.


Ahnah said...

I have been following the story too. Many prayers and wishes for them. Love the balloon release. I have seen it done before and its very touching. (why am I not invited out anymore? me=sad LOL)

wendysue said...

CW--if it weren't for my stinker of a baby, I would've been in my car. . stat.

Ahnah, we've decided to make it a monthly out to dinner thing, whether someone has a birthday or not, so I'll be sure to call ya next time!!

Tiger said...

nice pics.. good baloons too.. must have had a rocking time

Rachelle said...

Wendy, my sister lives in Mesa and is a fan of Nie Nie. She just told me about this last week. Sooooo sad!!!!

Lisa said...

Your the best! What a great friend you are to support my extended family and love them just as much as your own. You are amazing!