Monday, September 22, 2008

Road trip!

Just a couple of weeks after Simon was born, Matt and the girls loaded up in a 15 passenger van with 15 passengers (no empty seats!!) with his family and road-tripped to Maryland to see his grandparents. I humbly volunteered to stay home (post coming soon about how crazy of an idea THAT was). Let's see. . . .15 people, 6 kids, 9 adults, and about a 22-24 hour drive--both ways. Matt said it best. . "well, it'll be an adventure." His sister even designed shirts for the crew. I had told her about my idea for a new reality show, Family Vacation Survivor, so she designed the shirts after the Survivor logo.
I think the "Stop Touching Me" was particularly a nice touch.

They did have a good time, but I'm sure no one will want to make that trip again for a LONG long time.

These next pictures probably deserve their own post but I'm too tired, so I'll entitle them

Alternate title: "A lesson on skin cancer."

Matt had sunscreened up the girls when they hit the beach at Ocean City, but then was all by his lonesome to get it on his back, and he thought "Well, that should be good enough."

I present to you PROOF that sunscreen works. . you can even see how far his fingers could reach.

And this is even a good week after the "incident". Ouch babe.

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kteuscher said...

I LOVE the t-shirt. I may have to copy your creative family!! I like Matt's "shirt" too, better on the back than on the face.