Thursday, May 28, 2009

My twinner

My secret twin Lisa Lou's birthday is today! I want to make it fully clear that I'm not copying her, this really was my plan for today!!! Lisa and I have never remembered a time without each other. In fact, my first memories almost always include her. I'm so thankful for our parents who must have realized our friendship early on and always had us together (or more than likely our mothers were tired, and needed a break, but that's ok, we get that now.) We seriously thought we were twins, I mean, come on, her birthday is ONE day after mine, and who cares that she was born in the Carolinas, and I was born in Nebraska, we are SOOOO twins. We have been through probably every situation together. . .hilarious (remember when my little sister Julie would cry and we would laugh? :), and your sister Gina got left at the dance studio?), sad (we saw ET about 12 times and thought it was the most tragic movie we'd ever seen in our 7 years), scary (remember that creepy guy that worked next to the dance studio that freaked us out while we were waiting for our moms?). When I was about 8, I wanted a dog SO badly (Lisa hated them I'm pretty sure), and Lisa helped me all the live long day on time cleaning out this corner area of our yard to show my parents I could take care of a dog and in the end. . .no dog. I'm sure my Dad took us to DQ for ice cream or something instead. (Oh no, I'm that exact same parent today. . .) The only way I survived at BYU was that I took my two best friends with me. . .Lisa and Cim. We lived at Heritage Halls with 3 other room-mates, I think in the process of living with the 3 of us we ran out about 4 total room-mates. . oops. The day before I was scheduled to get my wisdom teeth out, my mom's best friend died in a car accident and she needed to leave right away. The first thing I thought to do in that moment was call Lisa. I didn't know what I would do if I didn't have Lisa and I just wanted her to know. She also offered to come and hang out with me when I got back from the Dr. She got me my drugs, watched movies with me, all that good stuff.

Lisa and I have that kind of relationship that just has always been. I can't remember a time without her, and I know that I never will have a time without her. We may not chat every day, but I think some part of every day, I think of her, or wonder what her smarty pants kids are doing, and mostly wish that we had our dream of living next door to each other. Yesterday when she called for my birthday, we were wishing we were together and she reminded me of something we decided a long time ago. . .we certainly have our mansion lots next to each other set up in Heaven. Where we will always be able to take each other to lunch and watch our gazillion grandbabies run around while we reminisce about the good old days.

Happy Birthday Lisa Lou!!


Sister Pottymouth said...

Wow. What a lovely tribute! You two (three?) are blessed to have one another.

Lisa said...

I'll say. . . I"m going to call Wendy RIGHT NOW!

You're the best!