Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Switzerland Day 1

When we made our plans for Switzerland, we hatched a plan to meet up somewhere so we could make our l.o.n.g. flight all together.  My sisters and Dad met up in San Fran, and I flew from Omaha, and we all met up in Philly for the 9 hr. flight to Zurich.  We managed to get our seats together by sharing our sweet snacks!  Yes!  There is a reason I pack like a Mom even when I’m by myself.  Peanut butter M&M’s will get you a long way.

dad flight girls flight

A few weeks earlier I made “travel packs” for my sisters and I. . .just like kids!  I got each of them a little bag and put in their favorite game book (variety, crosswords, sudoku), mechanical pencils (why has it taken me so long to realize the awesomeness of mechanical pencils?), pens, a sleep mask, lip balm, gum, tic-tacs, kleenex, hand sanitizer, lotion.  Honestly, I made them these bags as much for me as I did for them. . .after a long 9 hour flight, I need everyone to have tic tacs. . .and if you ask to borrow my lip stuff one more time. . .

IMG_3801 Lisa and Heidi modeling their masks. . .Julie had a spongebob one.

wendyflight (Me and my bloodshot eye sleep mask , and that neck rest thing I bought was worth every penny!  Thanks for snapping this photo Dad!)

One of the best parts of the travel packs were these


Please tell me you had a cherished childhood in which your parents bought you these for road trips, complete with the magic pen?  We seriously had the best time with these, and in true Schwendiman gamer fashion, everything was a race and contest.  We finished half the book pretty quickly, and decided we had to save the rest for the ride home.  If you need to know Lisa kicked our butt, just like she always does. . .

After a good sleeping pill and about 5 hours of sleep the flight attendants woke us up by cheerfully saying “good morning!” and handing us a danish.  Really, all I could think was why are you giving me a danish at 2am?  Ok, I’ll play along.  We landed in Munich and had to catch a little flight to Zurich.  I had an adventure in the airport trying to figure out why my baggage only got checked to Munich and not to Zurich, but I learned a few things. . .the Munich airport is impecably clean, that the old lady that tried to inch her cart past me in line was NOT nice, and if you find the right customer service person, you will learn that you can go in or out of security and down and back up from baggage claim as much as you like if you have a boarding pass.  I also learned that the baggage ticket for your suitcase will only hold 3 destinations, so in my case, I needed a second one. (Chicago, Philly, Munich, Zurich). 

Quick flight to Zurich and we were there!!  We picked up our rental van, a huge VW bus!  Sweet!  Heidi was our appointed driver and she rocked it.  We arrived to our hotel (in the red-light district. . .hey, it’s an adventure right?) just in time to have my good friend Julie walk into the lobby!  Yeah!  I was so glad to have Julie living in and around Switzerland for about 12 years (her hubby is Swiss) to bounce questions off for months about our plans.  She graciously agreed to meet us at our hotel and immediately walk us around town to keep us awake and get us to our reservations for fondue for dinner!!

Here’s a bit of what we saw

Day 1 Zurich train station

The Bahnhof (Train house/station!)

Loved all the flower boxes everywhere. . .little did I know this is a country-wide thing in Switzerland and in the smaller towns they’re even more spectacular!

 Day 1--hotel in Zurich

This is Frau Munster (if you ever need to find the church in Switzerland, just find the clock!)Day 1 Frau Munster in Zurich

Lake ZurichDay 1 lake zurich

This is a delightful treat Julie got for us. . .they are called Luxemburgerlis.  Little meringue cookies in all kinds of flavors with a little filling. . .we devoured the box pretty quickly!Day 1 Luxembergerli

Day 1 Springli shop

Fun little streets (“gasse”) in Zurich Day 1 small gasse in Zurich Day 1 small Zurich street 

Sweets anyone??Day 1 sweet shop in Zurich

The crew (ignore our clothes and faces and hair. . .it had been a long day)

Day 1 Zurich Day 1 Zurich (3) Day 1 Zurich bridge

Gross Munster (“Big” church)Day 1 Zurich--Gross munster

Thanks for a fun little tour Julie!!!  So fun to see you!Day 1

We had a great yummy fondue dinner, then we got to find out all about the Swiss medical system. . .don’t ask.  But just so you know, 4 hours in the ER, a CAT scan and several x-rays will only cost 640 CHF (about $650. . .not bad huh?)  p.s. It wasn’t me.


Julie said...

I don't remember a danish at 2am. Did I get a Danish at 2am? Did someone else accept and eat my danish on my behalf?

The CEO said...

I hope everyone is OK. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G TRIP!!! So very unbelievable. :) Shanna

Julie Ramsay said...

Who was it? Great seeing you guys!

Wendy said...

I'm looking forward to reading about the rest of your trip (I'm a friend of Julie's here in Seattle,linked in from her Facebook). Amazing day 1 can't wait to read more about it.

Lisa said...

Hello, my name is Julie Gould!!! No fair--I want to come, too!