Friday, September 02, 2011

Texting trouble. . .

I just had a “Mom” moment with my teenage daughter.  Here’s the set up.  She wanted to go to a movie with her friends.  You know how this goes right?  “What movie?” “Is that an appropriate movie?”  “What do you do if you get there and they decide to go to the inappropriate movie?”, etc, etc. 

She said NO, they weren’t going to that one, even though her friends that are on FB (and too young to legally be on FB) were saying that they were.  Yes, I’m friends with her friends that are on FB, I’m a smart momma. 

So with the guidelines all out, Matt and I headed to dinner and she would be leaving soon to go to the movie. 

*Text me when they come pick you up

*Text when you get into the movie

*If you friends choose to go to the other movie, call me.  She assures me that one of the other girls doesn’t want to see the PG-13 one either so maybe just the two of them will go to the first choice.

*Text when the movie is done.

Clear right?  right.

So, we’re at dinner, it’s 7:00 and I know the movie is supposed to start at 7:05.  I haven’t heard from her so I begin the texting conversation. . .


      Mom: Did they pick you up yet?                                         7:00pm

12yo: Yeah                                                                                  7:00pm

Mom: Are you at the theater?                                              7:01pm

12yo: No                                                                                        7:01pm

(*Hmm, 7:01, the best choice movie starts at 7:05, and the other one at 7:20, looks like they’re planning on the other one, right?)

Mom: Are you seeing smurfs because that starts at 7:05?                                                                                              7:02pm

(*yes, I know, it’s “Smurfs”, but it was a better alternative than “Shark death killer 3-D” whatever it’s called.)

12yo: Yeah we r just running late                                      7:06pm

Mom: OK. . .let me know.  Love you!                               7:06pm

Mom: What movie?                                                                  7:16pm

12yo: Im waiting for maya to come and smurfs          7:17pm

(*Ok, I’m not crazy right? It sounds like she’s waiting alone outside for her friend and the others have gone into the other movie right?)

Mom: OK. . .did they all go to the other one?               7:17pm

Mom: Do you have her number?                                       7:18pm

12yo: Yes                                                                                     7:18pm

(*Clearly I’m talking too much here and not allowing her to answer me. . .yes to which question??)

Mom: Did you text her to see if she’s coming?             7:20pm

12yo: Yes I did.                                                                        7:20pm

Mom: Let me know when she’s there. . .otherwise we’ll come get you and go shopping Smile                                7:23pm

12yo: Yay! Smile                                                                        7:23pm

(*Ok, so we’re all on the same page, I think she’s standing alone outside the theater after making the correct choice in not going to the PG-13 movie and now her friend isn’t showing up either.  It’s also almost 20 minutes past when the Smurfs movie started. . .)

Mom: Is she there?                                                                 7:31pm

12yo: She hasn’t answered my text yet.                        7:32pm

Mom: Are you by yourself?                                                7:33pm

12yo: No they r with me                                                       7:34pm

(*ok, now I’m confused. . .all they all outside waiting on this one friend 30 minutes after the movie has started?)

Mom: You haven’t gone into the movie yet??             7:34pm

12yo: Yeah                                                                                 7:40pm

Mom: Yeah you did?  Or yeah you didn’t?                   7:41pm

12yo: Yes I have!                                                                   7:42pm


Mom: OK. . .then stop texting me!!  Smile Love you!   7:43pm

12yo: Yeah. . .stop texting ME!!!                                         7:44pm



And THAT my friends. . .is how NOT to have a texting conversation with your 12 year old teenage daughter.


dalene said...

Oh my. That is too funny. And SO typical! Guess I'd better get my 12yo a cell phone so we can join in the fun.

~j. said...

Oh, man. I relate to this, oh yes I do. And what is it with kids this age wanting to see that shark movie?!? My 12YO asked my just yesterday if she could go see it.

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