Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Where have you been??

I can remember lots of things about my childhood growing up here in Nebraska.
Catching fireflies in the summer and keeping them in mason jars hoping they would be my nightlight.
Snow drifts taller than me.
Bundling up in all my snow gear to head to the hill to sled on "Snow days" off from school.
Decorating bikes for the 4th of July parade.
Staying out from dawn 'til dusk on my rad banana seat bike heading up to the cul-de-sac to hang out with all the neighborhood kids and play kick the can and jailbreak.

And of course, the sweet, sweet taste of Jello Pudding Pops. My favorite was the chocolate/vanilla swirl. Then sometime in the 80's they were snatched from existence. Where have you gone sweet, sweet pudding pops?? I wondered day after day. Once in a while as my kids and I snacked on Jello pudding I would excite them with stories of a wonderful concoction of frozen pudding with their eyes all aglow!! We even tried to make our own sad version by putting popsicle sticks into the pudding cups and freezing them. Yuck. Not even close!! Well, last night I was already heading to sleep (I've got a nasty cold) when my babe came home from a meeting and from stopping at the store to pick up formula for Miss Whitney. He said, "Close your eyes. . . " Dear Pudding Pops, where have you been??? I've missed you so.


~j. said...

Where are the Elfwich cookies?

Christy said...

Where did he get them and where can I go to buy them right now???? I am also a lover of the swirl. Our house had a little sliding window off the kitchen and my sister and I would skate up to the window and wait for our mom to take our orders. Mmmm. I had many a pudding pop slid through that window.

I'm sorry you're feeling nasty. That didn't come out right. I'm sorry you have a nasty cold. Do you need some treats? I guess not, if you've got pudding pops. They're probably gone by now. At least they would be in my house.

I was just thinking it's a good thing you can have dairy now. That would be a mean and nasty trick if he had brought them home when you couldn't eat them. *wondering how many times I can use the word "nasty" in the comments*

wendysue said...

Jenny--where have I been? What are elfwich cookies? From the fabulous Keebler elves? I'm going to google that right now!!

Christy, you crack me up! Oh, I mean Miss Christy since I'm nasty!! He got them at the Hy-vee over by the church (40th and Old Cheney)

I LOVED your story about the drive-up window at your house, with your skates on. My mom was great at playing waitress. She would always leave a little cute note for our bill.

Oh, such a good thing I can have dairy now. That phrase made me think of Martha Stewart. "Wendy can have dairy. It's a good thing." I need to blog about that. Matt would've been hurtin' for certain if he would've brought them home back then. I guess Whitney would've been hurtin' too because there's no way I wouldn't have eaten them!!!

Bek said...


I know where the puddin' pops were. They had to wait until everything else from the 80's made a roaring comeback (ummmm, sweaters w/ puffed sleeves? Jeans skirts w/ taffeta ruffles sewed on? Tiered skirts? That is just from GAP). Next will be neon. BUT, I will take the neon and the puffed sleeves if it means you get your puddin' pops!!

Christy said...

I read your comment a while ago but I had to come back to comment again because I have been going around the house singing like Janet Jackson for the past couple of hours. That's just NASTY!

Survivor starts in a few minutes so then I'll have that music in my head. When are they going to kick off Stephenie?

Lorien said...

WOOO-HOOOO! Gotta find me summa those!

Julie said...

Do you remember the fruity Jello pops? Those were so gross! Frozen whipped Jello? I don't think so. Pudding pops rule. I'm going with Lorien to get me some!

AzĂșcar said...

I have a soft spot for the fruity jell-o pops. Grandpa always had both varieties in the freezer. Since my parents were too cheap to buy Jell-O Brand Pudding Pops, we'd try to make out own too. Icy pudding that would kind of cut your tongue when you'd try to lick them.

I'd probably be all snotty about pudding pops these day, but good memories.

Kage said...

What a cool husband to bring you those pops. I have to admit, I enjoy the OLD shape could just lick better or something. Some days I would eat three in a row...hated vanilla.