Friday, November 04, 2005

Whooooo are you? Who? Who? Who? Who?

At my job I usually have a different perspective of people. Usually upside down. Ok. Confused? Let me explain. I'm a dental hygienist, so through most of the appointment I'm looking at the patient as if they're upside down, or at least sideways. I also, thankfully, am usually looking at their mouth instead of their face so I usually just see this with my peripheral vision. To make a long story short (too late) people look much different when seen with just peripheral vision. Here's a list of the people I've seen in my office lately. Of course, when they really stand up and I get a face to face look at them, they usually look nothing like this person. . .

The head guy from CSI (the original) that plays Gil Grissom. I think his real name is William Anderson??
Rob Thomas from Matchbox Twenty
Shirley Jones---the Partridge Family Mom
An older version of my mom
My brother in law Sterlings twin (they say everyone has one.)
The red head Dr. from ER actor Scott Grimes, he plays Dr. Morris on the show.
Ewan McGregor--without the beard (ok, now I know you're jealous.)

I'll keep you posted on which actor/rock star/family member shows up next.


Bek said...


You missed the best part of Ewan McGregor--the accent!!! I am glad that so many famous people have good dental hygene. Is Matt their dentist? I am not totally clear if you work together......

What were all those people doing in Lincoln? Not that Linclon isn't cool, but that is quite a high number of famous people in a town that doesn't have many obvious show biz connections. Do they film lots of movies there?

wendysue said...

Oh Bek, I think obviously all those famous people traveled all the way to Lincoln, Nebraska to see the world's best dental hygienist!!

Actually Scott Grimes dental hygiene was not so good.

And Matt would no way be a dentist, he about throws up just when I talk about some of the stuff I get to see and do. He'll just enjoy his job with State Farm thanks.

And I think I didn't want to hear my "Ewan McGregor" patient talk, so I could go on thinking it was actually him. Maybe he would jump out of the chair and sing "Your song" from Moulin Rouge??? Anything in particular you'd want him to say other than, "What kind of toothbrush should I be using??"??

Bek said...

Am I total idot? I get it now--they weren't the REAL people, just ones that looked like them upside down.

It was late, I had taken Nyquil......


wendysue said...

Bek, everyone's allowed one of those days, I think in the last 8 months, I've had about 200 of them.