Monday, January 30, 2006

Beaten by a four year old--Tic-Tac-DOH!!

We took the girls out to celebrate their upcoming birthdays this week. We had free kids meal coupons come in the mail so we headed to Famous Daves. Molly went straight to work on her coloring workbook while we waited. Wanna play tic-tac-toe? Alrighty. Ok, the first game (on the top) I wasn't really paying attention, but come on, how hard is tic-tac-toe? So, Molly beat me on the first game. She was pretty excited, and I started paying attention. My brain must be on overload right? Yep, Molly won game two. Now she was laughing at me. Time to get serious. I thought I had her but oops! Every time she caught me in the trap of being able to win in two places. So, I lost again. Maybe she really is magic. (See this recent post), or maybe she's playing too much of the Merlin game that Madison got for Christmas. (Did that picture bring back any memories?)


lisa v. clark said...

This is further evidence to support my theory that every time we give birth we LITERALLY pass on our brain cells. . . what we don't do for these kids!!!

Remember how we used to make fun of our moms for not paying attention and seeming so spacey and saying stuff like "Well, we'll see. . . " "Hmmm, what? Say that again. . ?" EATING my words, eating them.

Lorien said...

"mom? mom? mom. mom. mom. Mom! Mom! MOMMM!!!!!"

"WHAT!? Will you quit yelling at me, dear? You only need to ask once!"

I do that every day. My poor kids.

Christy said...

I haven't been able to comment on your blog for while. What's up with that? Am I computer lame? Anyway, love the new look of the blog.

wendysue said...

Lisa, that is so funny. I am always doing that, I'll promise to do something, you know. . .fix dinner, etc., then an hour later the kids are like "hello, remember?" Nope, sure don't!

Lo--that drives me CRAZY!! I hate it! Madison will say "Mom, Mom, Mom!" then I say "what?" and she says, "Mom. ..then pauses so long before she remembers what she was going to say!" Arg!

Christy, I promise you're not computer lame, for some reason, sometimes when you click the comment part it won't open, so you have to right click it then select "open in a new window" for it to work. . .I asked blogger about it. they hadn't a clue :(
And I've spent far too many hours trying to play with colors on the templates, but it never turns out how I want it to, so I just picked a new one, I'll try later I guess.

wendysue said...

Hey, I finally picked an easy template to change colors and now the comments even open up with just clicking! Yippee!

Bek said...

Wendy...I LOVE the new blog look. That is a cool template. I finally started playing around with mine too.