Wednesday, February 22, 2006

It wasn't me

Ok, I know you all were just biting your nails wondering. Was it Wendy? Sorry to disappoint but there will be no huge, overpriced Christmas presents this year. No trips to Hawaii, no SUV's. Sorry. I wasn't the one that bought the powerball ticket here in Lincoln. It was a group of 8 employees from a local factory/plant called ConAgra (3 of which actually worked their shift last night and came to the news conference from there.) So, you'll just have to be happy with the general Christmas card and picture this year.


~j. said...

Oh, that's sad. I DID think of you. Really.

My mom always speculates what she would do with lottery winnings...she always says she'll give a huge chunk of it to the church, but my step-dad tells her the church wouldn't want it because it's, well, filthy lucre. My mom then explains that she would simply be tithing (and then some) on her increase, and then she would repent and NEVER buy another lottery ticket ever again.

wendysue said...

Love that filthy lucre.
Seriously I have mixed feelings about the lottery. It's nice to see these people win (people who really need it, 2 of them are immigrants from Vietnam), but this is just fuel for the fire for people to think they'll be the next big winners, and buy tickets instead of food, medicine, real needs for their family.
Okay, enough of that soap box blah, blah, it would totally rock to win!!
Matt's family loves to play the what if lottery winning game. We all agree that houses and cars would be paid for then college for the kids then one big family trip. For me it would be a nice house (with a maid), college for the kiddos, and some sweet traveling!!

Christy said...

I thought I had won! But, then I saw the news conference (how dare they interrupt The Price is Right!) and realized that it wasn't me after all. Oh well.

Carl would die if I ever bought a powerball ticket. It's bad enough that my dad trains race horses! Oh, the gambling!

Wanna go to Vegas?

AzĂșcar said...

I certainly do not play lotto.

However, should my mother-in-law win, that would be OK with me. Especially since she's already voiced her intentions to share, re: a house and college for grandchildren.

lisa v. clark said...

student loans. . .