Wednesday, April 11, 2007 is making me be mean.

So is a great place to sell old books, CDs, movies, etc. . .that you're ready to pass along. Every few months I go through and see what I really could get rid of. You just put it on their site for no-certain-amount-of-time and every once in a blue moon you get a fun email that says

message: YOU'VE MADE A SALE!!

Well, usually I just print it off and cut out the address on the slip and send it out. But I'm a little nervous about todays sale.

The address is to a man in a nursing home

Bob Jones
C/O ________ nursing home

________ Road

Madison, WI 53714

Now usually they just address the letter that you put in the package by using their username from the site so here's what my letter says:

Dear Necro lung,

I have enclosed this packing slip for your convience. . .

I hope you enjoy this purchase. Your satisfaction. . .blah. . blah. .blah

I'm not sure I feel comfortable sending a CD to this poor old man in a nursing home with the letter addressed to NECRO LUNG. It's like saying

"Hey, 3 pack a day smoker, whose lungs are crying out

for dear life now. . .enjoy this Cirque Du Soleil CD!!"

Poor guy. . .well, I guess he DID choose his user name right? I can get over it to earn my $2.50.


b. said...

That's funny.
Necro Lung might be on the activities committee for the nursing home. Maybe he's got a bunch of pretty scarves for the ladies to cirque du soleil to, he's getting tired of whistling while they do their wheelchair ballet, you've just added the much needed final touch!
You should feel great about yourself today!

wendysue said...

Thanks b.! You tell a far better story than I can! I'd better get that CD out quick so he and the girls can get to practicing!!

AzĂșcar said...

HAHAHAhahaha... a reminder to always pick a handle that would look ok on letterhead.