Wednesday, April 18, 2007

I just had another one of my BRILLIANT ideas!

(just imagine me saying that and tossing around my blond feathered fabulous hair!!)

Need a reminder of that saying? Go here, silly.

So, back to my brilliance. . .although I find myself fairly technologically aware, it's quite possible that this already exists. . .but. . .

I need something.

A DVR for my car radio.

Seriously. . .how many times do you get in your car and hear only the last two lines of a fab song? Or catch the end of the Entertainment report and miss the 'important' gossip? I need to be able to just push the rewind and hear it again.

My kids are onto it too! They hear a song they like, then say, play that one again mom! After I say, "sorry babe, it's just the radio, we can't rewind it." They're as disappointed as I am when I catch up to live TV on my DVR and actually have to, gasp, watch commercials.

So, my birthday is coming up in May. . .anyone wanna get on that one and get me a DVR-radio?


Audra said...

Heck ya!- put me on the list...I want one too! :o)

Kage said...

I know....and here is why I need one, b/c now I am trained to pay less attention to tv b/c I KNOW I have the option of rewinding, so when I am listening to my XM radio, and I miss something, I am always so made that I can't press that arrow button BACK.

Anonymous said...

That is seriously a great idea. I totally relate. Let's make one and become bazillionares!

Carrotjello said...

We have a radio station here that will e-mail you and tell you when they're going to play your favorite song if you send them a list. Close, but no DVR.

Queen Scarlett said...

Isn't it weird having kids grow up in the age of tivo? My daughter thinks everything can be repeated... I could use a tivo for life... pause...would be awesome.

Jennifer said...

I would love this and have wished on more than one occasion that I could rewind the radio.

~j. said...

I think this all the time, too! I find myself not paying too much attention to the radio, with the mindset that I can just rewind it...oops.