Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Wendy, Come on Down!!

Ok, I am SO all over this. My sister called me tonight after she saw the commercial and said, you have to try out.

I have a habit of correcting people when they use the wrong words to songs.

Matt's sister once thought the words to the "Officer and a Gentleman" song were "love lifters up where we belong." Umm. What exactly IS "lifters" Tiff?

Once when I heard Matt say the wrong words to a song I said,

"You know those AREN'T the right words."

He (very smartalicky) said,

"Well, I'm not singing that song."

I'm seriously trying out. I'm emailing my application tomorrow.

No, seriously, I am. You're gonna see me on TV.


Audra said...

sa-weet! Can't wait to see ya! The Duttons were on America's Got Talent last week-so that was cool! It would be even cool-er if you were on, though!

Audra said...

ick- bad grammar! Very bad grammar!

Carrot Jello said...

Love lifters, lol.

wendysue said...

Audra, I think I'm going brain dead. . .who are the Duttons? Like Ben Dutton? I totally missed Amer. Got Tal., what did they do??? I'll have to try and find it online.

Christy said...

I saw the Duttons but I don't know who they are.

Wendy-GO FOR IT!!!


Hollie said...

Go Wendy!

b. said...

I love it!!
My guess is that there will be a lot of 80's tunes.

b. said...

does it have to be pitch perfect or just word perfect?

Deb said...

Does this mean that I can call you when I don't know the lyrics? You are going to be awesome and we will be cheering you on!!

Audra said...

The Duttons are an LDS group that sings southern/gospel music. The whole family plays and I mean the WHOLE family plays. From the grandpa down to the 3 year old grandchild and everyone in between. They are just really talented and LDS- so I was a little partial. They came through NE a few times a year during 1995-1999 and Josh and Abby were my age. We were pen pals for a while. Ben Dutton is a brother and few years older than them.

But you would still be much cooler! ;o)

wendysue said...

b.--that's the beauty of it. You don't have to sing well, you just have to know the words!

deb--if I don't know them, I have a fav. website to find them. I think it's or something like that.

audra--Thanks! I wasn't crazy not remembering!

Christy said...

Our favorite lyrical mishap in our family was when my sister kept going around the house singing, "Gay little fox, gay little fox, you look happy to meet me".

Can you guess what she was singing?

Edelweiss from The Sound of Music!!!

AzĂșcar said...

I can't believe the Duttons came up...John Dutton took me to prom.

Wendy said...

Christy--funny. I wish I would've written down all the funnies my kids have sung. That's a good one.

Azu! You SO could've been on America's got talent and even met "The hoff!!"