Friday, July 20, 2007

******Blog Update******

I am alive. We did return from our awesome trip. Here's a quick update.

--Our computer hard-drive has crashed not only once, but TWICE!! Oh, and the second time, the password for our recovery program was on the computer (and we didn't write it down. . .why would we? It wouldn't happen again!!)

--The dance camp was amazing. TONS of pictures coming! It's just a LOT and I promise maybe by tomorrow it'll be done. Here's a little teaser. . .

--So, I know you've been watching the Singing Bee and looking for me next to Joey Fatone. Well, I think they must've been scared of losing all their money, because I haven't heard anything from them. But just so you know. I have known ALL but one of the songs I think. I also would've had about 1.5 million from Don't Forget the Lyrics!!

--Matt acutally saw an article about a new car that has a DVR for your radio!!! I'll find the link and pass it on!! I was amazed when I read it said "pause and rewind live radio!!"

--Whitney, who won't say a word, is about to be my only child to potty train before age 3, and she's doing it all by herself.


Queen Scarlett said...

YAY - you're back...I have been checking for the pictures... cute one...your girls are so BEAUTIFUL! They are getting so grown up. Because I don't watch dancing with the stars... is he from there?

Are you serious? You were on the Singing Bee??

wendysue said...

Yep, that's Tony from dancing with the stars.

And nope, I wasn't on the show, I wish I was. . .

lisa v. clark said...