Monday, July 30, 2007

The girl who cried wolf. . .or DID she?

So, Molly has been just generally crabby for a few days. . .I chalked it up to good old "girl" drama. We have a LOT of that around here, even from the cat.

So, tonight I was calling her out. . .

"you know, it's not "fun" to be sick"

"you don't get special treatment just because you're sick" --a total lie, we all know that you just get to lay around and eat popsicles and you get to pick the movies. Mom might even sleep near you.

"No friends over if you're sick"

So, we had to load up all the kids to go a pick up a truck that Matt was borrowing, and we grabbed Molly a bowl on our way out the door (Yeah, right, like she really needs it.)

After I arrived back home with the kids, I dutifully helped hold her hair back as she completely tossed her cookies (and hot dogs and grapes. . .mmm) into the bowl just outside of the van.

She's not bittter though. . .as I tucked the towel and blanket around her and started her choice of movie on the t.v. she looked up at me and said. .

"NOW do you believe that I'm really sick and not faking it?"

Yes dear.


Christy said...

Oh no! I hope she starts feeling better soon. She really didn't look that great tonight. I'm sure my kids adding to the drama around the house didn't help too much.

Audra said...

'girl drama'- I completely understand!

Deb said...

Oh poor Molly! Hope she's feeling better. I remember faking being sick a couple times. Once I even put the thermometer under a lamp to increase my temperature. Horrible kid, I know, but I had to make it REALLY bad otherwise I couldn't stay home from school. :)

wendysue said...

Christy--your kids were totally fine. I really did think she was just faking it (tired, and faking it.)

Audra--you not only have girl drama. . you have TWIN girl drama. I should get my pointers from you!

Deb, I totally did the warm up the thermometer thing too when I was little, but I remember I did mine WAY too hot. Then I remember trying to cool it off in the water and trying to shake it, but I dropped it. Oops. Good old mercury thermometers. . .I think I tried to just scoop up the mercury and throw it away. . .just a little hazardous waste in the trash!!

Lyle said...

Our oldest is a hypochondriac if ever there was one. A key sign that she is sick, she will willingly take a nap.

~j. said...

Shoot, there's no way to know, is there? You did a good job, though. You always do.