Monday, February 11, 2008

Sorry, but it WAS funny!

At our big family dinner last night, someone brought up this article seen in Sunday's paper. . .
Woman dies during first wedding dance
- It was the first dance of a marriage that was not to be.
Kim Sjostrom and Teddy Efkarpides had been married for less than an hour on Jan. 19 when the bride crumpled in her husband's arms during a rendition of a Greek song. At 36, Sjostrom was dead from heart disease.

The couple was married three years to the day after their first date. Sjostrom had wanted a real-life version of the film, "My Big Fat Greek Wedding," which played in the background as friends fixed her hair and makeup before the ceremony.

The wedding had became a project at Davie Elementary School, where Sjostrom taught first grade. Fellow teachers provided the wedding gown, the flowers, decorations and one of them, an ordained minister, performed the ceremony.

Sjostrom carried blue and white flowers during the ceremony - the colors of the Greek flag. As they exchanged vows, Efkarpides, a 43-year-old carpenter and Navy veteran, wept with happiness.

The joyous mood of the celebration was soon transformed when Sjostrom complained of being lightheaded during the couple's first dance.

Efkarpides thought his wife, a diabetic, needed sugar. She collapsed.

Efforts to revive her by wedding guests, paramedics and doctors at a nearby hospital all failed.

After all of the "Oh, that's so sad." and "Can you imagine?" comments, someone said, "I wonder what song it was?"
Matt piped up right on time and started singing. .
"Oh. . .I, I just died in your arms tonight. . . it must've been somethin' you said. . "

Terrible, TERRIBLE Matt! But really funny. Good one babe.


BinkBottInc said...

Okay, so since when did Matt start singing?? and that was pretty funny!!!

I heard about this story too. They are doing a little thing about it on 60 minutes, or something like that.

The only thing I could think when I heard the story was, she must have been the happiest person in the world when she died, and were we so lucky that we were in the arms of the one we loved, surounded by everyone in the world who means something to us, dressed and made up beautifully and then we get to meet God.

Sad, yes, but that woman was blessed!

wendysue said...

Shannon, about Matt's singing. . .that's exactly why I was so surprised by what he came up with! I'm forever correcting his lyrics, etc, so I was shocked he came right out and sang it!

Bek said...

Again, not really funny but REALLY funny...

I read that story too. In some ways it is nice, but other ways, not really. I am sure she wanted to have a chance at a life with this man....

How are you? Aren't you getting close to a gender u/s? ;-)