Monday, March 31, 2008

Food. . .glorious food!

I'm not a big "craver" when I'm pregnant, but lately there are some things I've HAD to have in the last few months. . .

grapes. . .mmm. . big, juicy, green or red, why am I craving these in the middle of winter when they cost like $4 a pound??

tomatoes. . . on just about everything
avacadoes. . .I've always been a fan, but lately they're like the tomatoes. . .on EVERYTHING, or just plain.

bacon. . .I've had a LOT of BLT's. . .actually BLTA's (can't forget the avacado!)

Dove truffle eggs. . .no surprise, pregnant or not

Izze. . .it's my thing lately. . .but only the pomegranate. . .I guess it's better than Dr. Pepper, which still wins sometimes. (ok, a lot of the time)

Who can resist these cute bottles? Not I. My beloved SuperTarget also sells Izze in cute little cans (a 12 pack!)
Don't worry it's not all tomatoes and grapes. . .there's plenty of this thrown in there. . .

MMM. . .what's for lunch today?


Shannon said...

I'm free - all sounds good. When do we eat???

Audra said...

your so funny!

oh and grapes are 99 cents a pound at kids love them!

Hollie said... of my favorite songs...and words to live by.

Hey, our grapes are $1.54 a pound. Everything is so expensive here!

wendysue said...

Audra---thanks for the tip, and my grape eating has gone way up now that prices are back down to normal!

Amanda said...

It all looks delicious. Although I am just getting back into TacoBell. When I was pregnant with Carson, 10 1/2 years ago, I would watch David eat TacoBell because I couldn't stomach fixing anything for him and for a long time I would get sick just thinking about the food there.

Jaydee and Shaunda said...

I loved BLT's also when I was pregnant with Rachael. I made one every day for lunch. Thank goodness for the already cooked bacon. 30 seconds in the microwave and it was ready to place on the sandwich. So yummy!!