Monday, March 10, 2008

ski bums (on and off the slopes)

We had a fabulous time at Grandpa Camp at Tahoe. My Dad, all of my siblings/spouses were there and all the grandkids except Katrina (we missed you!!). My brother-in-laws family owns a home right on Donner Lake (yes, those "Donners"), and it's gorgeous. We almost had enough room for everyone, Grandpa opted to sleep down the road at the Holiday Inn, a smart choice given the late nights that were had at the cabin. I'm still recovering from the lack of sleep.

We stopped after we flew into Reno to visit our friends that were in Nebraska for law school. We had a quick (late--thanks Shanna!) bite and visited and got some cute pictures!

Our chef, Suzanne. Yummy meatball subs, pizza, spagetti squash, salads, turkey, mashed potatoes, rolls, the list goes on and on!!

Grandpa and the gang after the Grandpa Camp Show!!


Everyone singing the Grandpa camp song to Katrina on the phone.

Madison and grandpa Gary



Everyone sing!!! (You have NO excuse, Dad even printed off the words!)

More of the gang singing

Grandpa leads the group!

(the gang on the deck. . .Cameron, holding Justin, Brandon, Hannah, Sarah, Madison, Megan, Molly, Annie, Whitney, Lincoln. . .oldest cousin Katrina stayed home for this trip, baby Quincy was inside)

Gorgeous sunset on Donner Lake

Who's hungry?

My sister Lisa, brother-in-law Sterling (with baby Quincy--who was amazing. . he did this most of the time) Lincoln, Whitney, Annie (some mornings), and I held down the cabin and played games and did puzzles all day while most everyone was gone skiing/snowboarding. We had just as much fun as they did. When everyone was fed well when they got home the night games began. I don't think I made it to bed before 2am most nights.

Grandpa and most of the gang on the slopes.

The snowboardin' crew

Molly and Megan tubing

Is she the cutest thing or what? Annie ready to go tubing

Matt and Molly

The Sullivan clan, Sarah, Scott, Annie and MeganMadison and Sarah tubing

here's Scott, Annie and Hannah tubing

(the "twinners" Molly and Megan)

Madison and Sarah at the slopes

Meanwhile. . .back at the cabin. . .Lincoln and Whitney
Look at that form from Molly!!



Sarah and Maddie

Yeah, I could deal with this out my back window. . .the snow covered Donner Lake early on Wednesday morning

The ski bums. . Matt, Maddie, Molly


b. said...

You have got the CUTEST family!!
No Fear! Look at 'em on the slopes!

That trip looks like a little piece of heaven!

compulsive writer said...

That does look like so much fun!

Deb said...

I'm so jealous... it looks like the slopes were a lot of fun. There's always next year, right? :) Cute, cute pictures.

The CEO said...

What a fun trip!!! I'm so glad the weather was good. Thanks again for stopping by...I'm still sooo jealous. Donner Lake is (as you can see) beautiful. Love the pics...the girls looked like pros on thier boards. How did everyone take your "news"?? :)