Thursday, May 08, 2008

It's my party. . .

Let's review. .

Matt's out of town (been gone since Sunday, back NEXT Friday). Friendly reminder. . .this Sunday is mothers day.

For what? "training", that he's already admitted is the same thing they've been doing HERE AT HOME for the last 3 months.

Oh yeah, I'm huge, 30 months pregnant, the point where you can't pick things up and you have to think twice before you sit anywhere.

Remodeling? Yep. Our "fix-it" guy is doing it, so that's fine, but I'm in charge of running back to the store (I've lost count) to pick out this and that. . .

Oh, it's our bathroom, so the fixtures have been off, and it smells like sewage, even with the pipes stopped up.

Oh, did you remember that I'm pregnant and have a robo-nose?


time spent in the car 9:20-11:30 (ortho appointment, running around doing whatever, I can't even remember now)

time spent in the car again (4:25-8:30) Dance after school, then RUN to soccer practice, then RUN to activity day girls, pick up some food in between there. . .

Chow down the food in the car while waiting for the activity to start. . .

Whitney grabs the lemonade and completely upends it and dumps the WHOLE cup (ice and all) on the floor of the van (full box of kleenex, assorted papers, OH, AND the DVD player. . .)

Go back to the hardware store to pick out different shower fixture

Forgot my reciept

Forget it, I'm not paying that much anyway, we'll just put the old one back on.

I have to pee, I haven't gone since lunch I think.

Need milk at the store, but no way I'm going.

Home. . .try out the toilet that's hooked back up again. . .hmm. . .what's all that water on the floor. Haul my pregnant body to the floor to clean it all up, turn off the valve, write a note for the fix it guy.

Girls need a bath, but that means the huge bathtub upstairs. . .not happening tonight.

Great, gotta go, the cat just threw up, AGAIN.

Party's over.

p.s. weeks like these (when I'm on my own) make me appreciate mommas like la yen SO much more.


Jaydee and Shaunda said...

Oh Wendy,
What a day! I am sorry. Jaydee is also gone for two weeks and won't get back until next Saturday. Happy Mother's Day to us. This is just the beginning for me...he leaves for six months in July. But, this is what we signed up for when we joined the military. I figured out that he will be away a total of 9 months this year.
It is never easy, and I am so sorry you had such a rough day. It does make an amusing blog post though! Take care.

AzĂșcar said...

Miserable, I'm so sorry. I wish I was closer and could give you a break--or at least run some milk to your house.

Queen Scarlett said...

I'm convinced a man would be whimpering in a corner 30 min into your day. The pregnancy alone would make them cry.

You're a good Momma... and a ROCKIN' WOMAN.