Sunday, May 11, 2008

better, thanks.

Thanks to some good chocolate, thanks Janelle and Shannon, I'm much better (I ate 3 brownies immediately and the other 2 for breakfast the next morning!)

The girls gave me some cute cards, and drawings this morning. . .and Whitney bounced right in and handed me her card saying. . ."It's your birthday MOM!!" Then the other girls sang "happy mothers day" while she sang "Happy birthday". It was fabulous.

p.s. the bathroom is DONE! (minus the paint. . .coming later)

Happy Momma's Day to all of you bloggers out there!!


b. said...

Happy Mother's Day!

Bek said...

Yes, you earned it!! You had quite a week. I had ALMOST forgotten what it was like to be really careful when you sat down so that you didn't have to stand back up so often. Man.

Yay for new bathrooms. Can't wait for the pictures.