Friday, July 18, 2008

An Olympic competitor

Matt missed the big "proud-dad" moment, but I was there to recount ALL of the details.

Now Matt says that Simon will win the official 3rd grade boys competition.

We were at the Dr. for his jaundice check and the nurse had him all worked up after all the temperature taking business, and weighing him totally naked in a cold room. She picked him up with just the little paper cover underneath and he calmed down and was giving her the "big eyes/Ahhh/he's so cute" look. And Whammo.

He totally sprayed ALL over her shirt, and once she moved out of the way he sprayed all the way to the wall, down the wall, soaked the carpet, the cabinets, everything. We (my mom, me and the nurse) were all laughing so hard we didn't know what to do, so we just let him finish his business (who knew that a baby that small could hold that much??) and then the nurse spent 5 minutes cleaning up the whole mess.

As the nurse left the room she said, "Well, now I have something exciting to talk about at dinner tonight, and I need to go find a new shirt."

I guess we should have brought along those Pee-pee Tee-pees.

And I knew I couldn't post without some more sweet pictures of our BOY!!


Jaydee and Shaunda said...

Oh, the things we nurses have to endure :) That is a great story. He sure is handsome.

Portly said...

GO Simon! If you have to do it, you might as well do it with GUSTO! He's too darn cute.

Bek said...

All the pee... boys keep it interesting (and I think it is to train YOU to get them potty trained...).

He is a handsome little man. He looks like Matt!! A lot! I love the pictures of your girls with their brother. So sweet!

Rachelle said...

Wendy! I just happened to check my old email address and got your email! Wow! That is exciting! And I am happy to be on your blog!! It's been so long since we have updated. Simon is so adorable and your girls are too (and getting so big!). I'll send you an invitation to my blog. Love!
Rachelle Glines