Monday, March 16, 2009


Just after Christmas, we met up in Arizona for an amazing Grandpa's Camp. What do you mean you don't have Grandpa Camp?? Check out more--click here. All of my siblings, their spouses, all the grandkids and my Dad spent a week at the Tubac Golf Resort and Spa. We ate, played games, played golf, soaked up the sun, mom's had manis/pedis/facials/massages, we sang, rode horses, some ventured to Mexico and then we played some more. Here's a look at our photos and some video too!

I tried to just upload to youtube, but they would probably not let me use the music and they said it was too long. Whatever.

ok, so it IS a little long. . . .I won't cry too much if you decide to just let it load then skim through the pictures.


Lisa said...

It's so great to see everyone! I can't believe how old the grandkids are getting. . . Darling family!

The CEO said...

I'm glad you had a great trip. Love seeing the pictures. Shanna

Rachelle said...

Wendy, I am sitting here with Debra right now!! She wanted to find you on FB, but can't. Email her at
Love! R.

Anonymous said...

Great Family!

With all those kids I'm sure you have some great money saving ideas for my new blog. If you get a chance to visit and would like to offer anything feel free.