Thursday, April 09, 2009

Growin' them smarts.

Whitney had a fun easter egg hunt at preschool today so after we arrived back home I was in the kitchen as she unloaded her goodies and I hear this. . .

"I got a number 1 mom!!"

Who is putting educational stuff in these eggs. . .seriously. . .where's the candy?

"NO! MOM! It's a SEVENTEEN!!!"


She comes to the table and puts it on the table for me to see!

"LOOK---I got a SEVENTEEN!!!"



Mary Ann Carlile said...

Ha ha! That is too cute and way too smart! Indeed...a 17!

Queen Scarlett said...

Smartie Pants! ;-)

Things' Mommy said...

Hey Wendy! I just found your blog. What a beautiful family you guys have! And a busy household, I'm sure. Sometimes I look around and think...I don't think we can add another living thing to this chaos (kid, pet, plant...). : )

Anyway, it's fun to see what you're up to and see pics of your cute kids!