Wednesday, July 06, 2005

little thoughts of my days

hubby's gone
just me and my girls
make-up, fingernails, and "can we rollerskate?"

4 and feisty!
Molly what are you doing? "I don't know. . . "
Better go check and see
100 pounds of attitude in a 32 pound frame
makes me laugh, makes me shake my head,
makes me smile
makes me worry, but I know she'll make it,
she's tougher than me
my little sick 5 week old with the breathing treatments
up all night worried about her
lots of tears
look at you now, no fear, no worries
Love those faces, love the kisses
"I just have baby kisses tonight mom."

Where did the time go?
already a 6 year old
mature beyond those few years
she'll be gone too soon
so eager to please and a perfectionist
just like her daddy
but she looks like me they say
always a thought for someone else
"my eyes are getting watery mom, I miss Sarah"
Today I'm fasting for Alijah's surgery tomorrow
Wow, who will you be, who were you before I was blessed
to have you in my life?

My new babe
just learning about you
such a great sleeper for mom
learning how to laugh, soooo sweet and funny
loving your sisters, talking and cooing on and on
already so chubby, I love it! But way too big too fast
I'll enjoy the snuggles, and little sweet noises
my other babes taught me that.
You think I'm the funniest thing around,
and the best thing to look at,
I'll take it while I can get it.



lisa v. clark said...

too big way too fast!

wendysue said...

Ok, you have to excuse this cheesy, sappy blog. What kind of heavy medication was I on this day? Oh, yeah, Matt was gone at Youth Conference for 3 days, and left me alone to deal with our 3 children. I guess I was heavily into Mom Mode for those 3 days, 24 hours a day. But, I sure do love those cute kids!!