Thursday, July 07, 2005

Tiny Bubbles. . . .

ok, here's how it played out. The "informer", aka, 6 year old Madison comes in my room.
"Um, Molly is drinking bubbles."
"She's drinking bubbles."
I lay Whitney on the bed and go to see what horror is awaiting me. I find the suspect in the kitchen getting a drink from the fridge.
"Molly were you drinking the bubbles?"
"Um, (with her eyes looking sideways-'do I lie about this? What kind of question is that?') Yes."
I have learned from one of the many Supernanny reality shows to get at their level (I however don't have a --everybody now in an English accent-- Naughty mat) anyway, I bend down, "Are you seriously telling me that you were drinking bubbles?" "What were you thinking?" "You can't do that, Molly!"
I'm really trying to hold it together, like I know what I'm doing, but I'm looking at the dumbfounded look on her face, as if she's saying, "Look, lady, why would anyone drink bubbles, obviously you haven't seen enough cartoons of babies that drink the bubbles, then consequently burb bubbles all day long."
I ask her again, "why did you do that?" She puts her little finger up by her mouth and says, "Umm, Umm, Umm, " then looks at me and smiles and says, "I'm just a little nervous, Umm, Umm, maybe to blow bubbles." I can't help it now and I start laughing.
She is the sweetest, most BUBBLY thing.

By the way, the same child just came in as I was typing, with a spoon and the lemon juice from the fridge saying "can I have some of this mom?" Maybe she's testing out her taste buds today? She just came back in, "Um, mom, can I have pizza?" Wow, what a combination, bubbles, lemon juice, pizza. What's next?


lisa v. clark said...

today Phoebe pinched Hugh's nose (he's so tough, poor guy) and I yelled at Phoebe, "NO WAY! Don't you EVER. . ." she interupted me by waving her hands in front of her face and saying, "SHHH, Mom: YOu didn't see anything! You didn't see anything at all. . .!" Where do they come up with this?!

~j. said...

Thanks, WendySue, for reading (& posting comment on) my blog! I love "meeting" people that way! Emma (almost 4, key in the lock of the Martyrdom know the one), as of late, enjoys eating chicken flavored with Buffalo Wing sauce. She explained it to me... "Mom, that's for pollo (she's bilingual), and I really don't like it because it burns my tongue, but I like it so much and so I eat it, and I like it." We should perhaps create a blog solely dedicated to the things our kids come up with. Maybe next for your kids...buffalo wings.

Suzie Petunia said...

Too funny. Your girls are so pretty (and apparently have personalities to match!). I found you via Rebecca in Palo Alto...via my sister's blog. Don't you love playing "six degrees of separation" with blogs? I have a six-year-old girl, too (and 2 boys - 4 and almost 2). I also live through the crazy moments just to find laughter in such sweet moments as the one you described. unpredictable!

Bek said...


I can't belive that your kids are so big!! It seems like yesterday that we were all (skinny) girls trying to figure out how to be adults at BYU. Yikes.

I love your blogs because they are so sweet. Next time YOU are in Utah and I am in Utah we need to meet at the Clarks and eat yummy fattening food!