Monday, August 29, 2005

It was bound to happen. . .

Ok, I knew someday someone would come along and dash the dreams of my child. Who knew it would be at age 6 1/2??

Madison started 1st grade today. At her school they do something called Sheridan (the name of the school) Camp a few weeks before school starts, for the kindergarteners and 1st graders, where they get to go for a few days in the morning to get ready for their new teacher, classroom, etc. Madison loves her new teacher, Mrs. Clark. She had a great 3 days, sitting in the little chairs at the little tables, doing dot to dot, listening to stories, writing a story, seeing old friends, meeting new friends, and then it happened. She came home with a note on her last day of Sheridan camp and said Mom, you have to read this. It was a welcome to 1st grade letter from all of the teachers. It talked about how excited they were. . . . . . . . then it came.

"With the hot weather, shoes are a concern. We respectfully ask that flip flops and sandals without backs, NOT be worn at school. This becomes as issue of safety on the stairs, on the playground and in the gym."

Let it be known that we are a flip-flop family, as you can easily see from the picture. My children would wear flip-flops all year round, if they could. Last winter Molly and Madison managed to always have a pair hidden somewhere and would at least wear them around the house and try to get out the door with them on, even with a foot of snow on the ground.
So after I read the letter and assured her life would go on, the DRAMA ensued!! She called her friend Libby, and a fellow flip-flop lover, and they went on and on about the "traumatic event."

After a few hours of pouting (this is a highly specialized skill from my husbands side of the family), being the shopping mother that I am, I told her we could go that very night and find some new shoes. We found some cute sandals (with backs!!) and some of those 'crocs' shoes (kinda ugly but hey, they had a back on them, and they were pink!) The whole time we were shopping, her eyes would well up with tears and she said "Mom, I just keep thinking about the flip-flops!" Oh, the flip-flops that would never be. The flip-flops that would be lonely on those days until their delightful owner snatches them up at 3:39 pm, the minute after school lets out!! Last night she said, "Mom, I just realized. . . Now the ONLY day I can wear flip-flops is on Saturday!!! (I do somehow manage to make them wear their nice white "church sandals" on Sunday.)

I somehow think she'll survive without them. She'll come bouncing out of her classroom with new crafts and stories and pictures she's made. She'll dance around with her new friends and old friends and not even realize that her beloved flip-flops were left at home.


~j. said...

What a shame! That is one sassy collection of flip-flops! Some of them look familiar - we've got what seems like thousands of flip-flops around my house - but I think my favorites are the Superman pair. I always wonder if other people notice that Emma is wearing Rae's shoes - they're about two-and-a-half inches too long in the back.

And, my final two cents: THANK YOU for not letting them wear the flip-flops to church.

Christy said...

This reminds me of the great sock rebellion of 1984. Our school demanded that all the children wear socks. I'm sure this was the lead-up to the ever popular 2 pairs of socks (over the jeans, no less) fashion trend. We showed them!

btw: I love this word verification! I learn new words every time I comment. yarzvpni=a Croatian delicacy prepared with a white sauce. Mmmm

Bek said...


I also have a flip flop child. I have to steal them from the shoe box in the middle of the night and make them "disappear" when they get too old or yukky. I don't let her wear them to school though, or church. My husband, however, has been know to let her wear them to both (granted, they were the cute ones from Old Navy w/ the sequins....)

wendysue said...

Christy. . .ah, the memories! Of course the socks worked great over the jeans, because the jeans were tapered and folded up so tight it cut off our circulation!!
MMM, please pass the yarzvni!!

Jenny-I have a niece who from the time she could walk would find anybodys flip-flops and walk all around (even if they were 5 inches too long in the back!!)
About the Sunday shoes, we HAVE to call them CHURCH sandals, like there is no other option. Every summer they get a bazillion flip flops and their one nice pair of white church sandals!!

Matt said...

Sweetie, do you want to say anything about your foot wear in that you wore to the Temple earlier this year?

wendysue said...

Hey now, we can start the mudslinging anytime you want. . . ok, we were in Nauvoo, my dress shoes were in our car, and we ended up taking Lisa and Scott's car, I had ALL intentions of getting in our van to change shoes, but as I remember, we were running late, someone couldn't find their temple recommend. . . sound familiar?? hmm? HMM??
You big meanie!!

jessica said...

Poor girl! I feel for her. I too am a flip flop lover and if someone were to ban them from me, I'm not sure what I'd do:)But your right, once she is having fun she won't even notice.

lisa v. clark said...

Wendy, you act like you weren't the same drama princess when we were kids--NOBODY could take away your jellies, if I remember correctly. . .remember our twinner jellies (triplet with Cim)?! CLASSIC!

La Yen said...

Jenny's daughter is the only kid I have ever seen wear flip flops all the way through Disneyland for three days. My arches hurt just thinking about it. I remember when Doc Martens were banned from stake dances (just because a couple of skinheads beat up some other skinheads, take it out in the shoes...) I remember feeling very righteously denied. I remember the trauma.

auoqtoq--I think that this is a city in Massachusetts.

wendysue said...

Oh, and Lisa, lest you forget our fabulous matching plaid shorts. I can't remember if mine were the khaki ones or the navy ones. You got the RAD teal!!

Jen: I remember the kid in Jr. High that wore the combat boot Docs, such a rebel.

"rctebbdn"--I hope there's an immunization for that.

JT said...

oh my gosh! i think i would die if they banned flip flops from culler. i wear flip flops and tennis shoes for p.e.

Otto said...

My daughter has multiple pairs of flip-flops, which I guess is a girl thing. I have one pair that I've had for about twelve years, which I guess is a boy thing. I don't mind that my daughter has so many pair, except she likes to leave them around the house in strategic locations, so she can just slip into some on the go. Good for her, bad for everyone else.

Betina said...

My current calling as Young Women's President has changed my shoe habits, as I have been known to wear flip flops to church before. Did you know there is actually GENERAL AUTHORITY instruction about NOT wearing flip flops to church? I wonder what they do in Hawaii? No matter what anyone says they CANNOT make me wear hose in the summer.

Anyway, I am sorry for the deep sense of loss you girls are experiencing.

~j. said...

I'm interested in knowing that instruction reference.

And, Betina, don't let Alison ruin your day. Let us comment.