Friday, August 12, 2005

Who Knew??

so, I was roaming around the blogging world. I'm an admitted blogging eavesdropper--"my name is Wendy and I'm a blogging eavesdropper. Everyone now. .. "HI WENDY." I wander from one post to another and find another one from a comment. ANYWAY, I came across one that now, of course, I can't find again. It was about the funny situation you find yourself in when you're chatting with someone in the bathroom, then do you carry on the conversation while your in the stall? Or wait? Or what? So, credit goes to that person for my idea for this blog. Thanks!

While we were on vacation in Florida with my siblings, spouses and kids we were at Sea World. Some of us decided we'd better use the bathroom before another ride on "Krackin'" the roller coaster. Krackin' is exactly what it does to your back, but it's an awesome ride. So off we go. I was done and waited for my husband and brother in law Jon. They walked out of the restroom together, not something you usually see guys do. So, I had to ask. "So do you guys like stand next to each other in there or what?" Apparently there are rules about a guys bathroom! So, as a public service to all you ladies out there, I'll lay it out for you, because now, I'm an expert!

1. As you enter the bathroom, take a look at the urinals. Let's pretend there are 5 urinals. If no one is there, you take the one farthest from the door (#5)

2. If someone is already at the farthest one, then you take the closest one--#1 (so you are as far away from the other guy as possible).

3. Now, it gets tricky. If the last spot and the first spot are taken you may, in an emergency, take urinal #3. If in the rare case it's busy in there, and #1,3 and 5 are taken, you WAIT! Don't take that #2 or #4 slot, or you may be labeled as a freak. (This was odd to me since in any sporting event, guys are not shy about slapping each other on the behind, etc. So, who would care if someone's standing right next to you while you take care of things?? But, I guess this may be the ONE situation when the guys are modest???)

4. This may be the most important rule--Whatever you do, do not move your eyes below eye level. Or as Matt explained, "Do not look down!" So, you drop your keys. .. don't look down! Have to sneeze?? Keep that head up! Need to tie your shoe? Wait please!

I hope you are now more informed. . . and hey, Who Knew???

p.s. I spent WAY too long picking out my "favorite" urinal picture from google!! (This one is from the Taj Mahal in India! Just becuase I knew you were wondering!!)


Bek said...

And they say WE have tons of unwritten rules. Glad that there is a new blog.

The blog about the rules of the bathroom, is my sister Kate's blog. I can't remember the name of it right now, but go to one of her comments and you will see it.

Great Picture. The sad part is that all that luxury is wasted on guys. They probably don't even notice it.

wendysue said...

I was hoping someone would read this and remember where I had seen that blog! So, credit goes to Bek's sister Kate!!!

lisa v. clark said...

who knew. Ask Topher to tell you the rules at the Barnes and Noble bathroom. . . on second thought, don't! Don't you think life would be so much easier if the guys went in stalls like women?

JT said...

Hey Wendy that's funny! i also like to go to different ppl's blogspots, and i found this guy who is mormon, but he hadn't written in his blog since march! lol! i'll see u this week! yea! tiffy's coming home! i luv ya lots! bye

wendysue said...

Hey Lisa, after reading your comment I was reminded of a Seinfelf episode where Elaine said, "Honestly, I don't know how you guys walk around with those things!"

Suzie Petunia said...

I can vouch for these universal men's bathroom rules. My husband filled me in. Identical, I tell you.

wendysue said...

Sorry, I just noticed. .. I haven't seen Seinfelf in a looooonnnnnggg time, but I have seen SeinfelD!!

Kate said...

Wahoo! Credit. I love it.

So I stumbled on this blog that I think you will appreciate:

Check it out, it's pretty funny. And he also mentions your 'rules'. I had no idea guys had those rules.

Otto said...

When I built my master suite I had my bathroom made just like the one in the picture. It makes me feel so regal, and since it's all mine, no need to worry about complicated (though important) rules. I guess that's one of the perks of being part of the ruling class.

Julie said...

We went on this "Parade of Homes" in our own ward for our Enrichment Night a few weeks ago. We went to the home of this single guy who had done a lot of remodeling. Guess what he had in his master toilet room? A urinal. Yup. Great idea for a guy, but a little unusual in a home. Good thing he's not married.