Saturday, October 07, 2006

The Birds and the Bees. . .Molly's version

Molly (as she is petting our cat Smokey): "Mom, how do cats and dogs have babies if they're not married?"

Me (a logical question, at least she realizes the "order" of life): "Well, they just find other cats or dogs to have their babies with."

Molly (looking strangely at Smokey): "But, how does she like, kiss the other kitty?"

Me (Not going there): "Um, I'm not sure. . .(leaving the room). . .I guess they figure it out."


Julie said...

Um, cuz, ya know mom, you only get babies if you kiss a boy, right?

Oh, that's classic! Put that one in her journal for when she's sixteen and dating.

Anonymous said...

That is tooo funny. I can just hear Molly asking so innocently...Boy I can't wait!

~j. said...

I love that you left the room.

Lyle said...

That subject has always been an interesting one in our home, our kids have two aunts that are single moms (never married) and have wanted to know how their cousins came to be.

I remmeber the innocence of days long gone. When I was jsut a wee lad, I was with my older brother while walkin gthrough a field when I noticed one cow was trying to ride the back of another cow. In my mind, it looked like the one on top was being mean to the other cow. I pointed to my brother to explain what was happening and he just led me in the opposite direction.

lisa v. clark said...

I guess they FIGURE IT OUT. Oh, yes, yes they do! Good one, mom!

brianna_banana said...

What a fun questions she asked.