Friday, October 27, 2006

Lil' punkins

It's pumpkin carvin' time. . .drag out the newspapers and find all the carving stuff from last year in the junk drawer. The kids love to get out the sharpie markers and draw on their designs then Matt and I end up doing the grunt work and carving them after the kids can't do it anymore. We had a pretty good set this year. Whitney gave her pumpkin a little kiss. . .that was the closest she got. . .when we were pulling out all the guts, she was making some pretty great faces, and kept shaking like does when we ask if it's cold outside!! Maybe next year!

Molly was like a mad scientist pulling out the guts. "Oohh, here come all the brains. . ." as she squishes it in between all her fingers!!

Molly insisted on star eyes and a nose for her pumpkin. She got a little excited with the sharpie marker this year. She drew a couple of faces, a ghost, a bat, and even wrote Happy Halloween. Oh and don't forget the hair and moustache for the jack-o-lantern.Here's Madison doing her best Barkers beauties pose. She did the one with the word "Spooky" around the pumpkin. She's had some pretty creative pumpkins over the years. Matt did the "stem nose" one in the middle. I did a quick carve of the lil' babe one.

Happy Halloween!!!! BOOooo!


Bek said...

So cute!!! We carved one the other day and then the NEXT day I remember why we only draw on our pumpkins. It had collapsed and MELTED on the table. Gooey and moldy. In two days.

Yeah, we don't really do pumpkins in CA anymore. Maybe we just need to do it the night before because I love to see them lit up. This year, I will just enjoy yours!!!

Kage said...

I love when they are lit up! So cute.

lisa v. clark said...

So cute! I'm coming trick -er treating at your house because I know you'll have the good candy. Am I right, or am I right?!

wendysue said...

Oh LVC, I should take a picture of how many bags of reese's pb cups and kit kats I have stocked up in my cupboard. . .of course a few of those are just for me. . .and you.

I was just reminiscing about how it was halloween candy that did in my dairy free diet for nursing Whitney. . .sorry kid, it's over.

Deb said...

Great pumpkins!!! I missed out on pumpkin carving this year so thanks for giving me a little piece of Halloween.

This year, we did sugary sweets for Halloween... I think next year I'm going to buy candy that I don't like... it is way too dangerous having this stuff around.

Christy said...

I'm SO glad you guys came trick or treating last night. You were our ONLY ONES!!!! Can you believe that? Anyone want some candy?